Friday, 22 May 2009

Friday Parisien sights

Last Friday in Paris, we started at Place de la concorde. When we got to Jardin des Tuileries it was closed and we had to walk around it. We also wandered around the Louvre and the River Seine.

Notre Dame was mobbed by people like us – tourists!
Blvd St Michel - Jardin du luxembourg
He looks so real!
Talking head
Rue St-Germain (Latin quarter) to Port Marie where there were a number of eating outlets that caught my beady eyes!
Some that looked rather good
Look closely is it really vegetarian food? I think not.
Les Halles had a number of cookery shops selling good stuff for established and aspiring patisserie and chef.
A pick me up before going to Georg Pompetdou centre
Big red hot lips
A mermaid I think....
Then off to Rue Rambuteau our next destination for our evening meal in a vegetarian restaurant where we decided to have the three course set menu.
I had Pate of champ ignons and caviar d’aubergines, the pate shaped like a quenelle was a bit sloppy, but the salad was good.
D had mushroom pate which as actually not too bad
For second course I had cassoulet de lentilles corail aux algues fraiches (pink lentils cooked with fresh seaweed, fennel and tofu). It was a thick lentil sauce, with threads of salty seaweed and this flavour overpowered my enjoyment of the dish wish also included cubes of smoked tofu. The salad on the side was rather disappointing, as it resembled what I had had on my starter plate but the portion was bigger. Not much effort there.
D had a Croustillant de quinoa au tofu sauce pate of champ ou provencale (crusty quinoa burger with goats cheese).
For sweets, I ordered compote de fruit ou vert (green tea) which turned out to be baby food. It was not a compote, but a puree. And D had a crème au chocolate, which he really enjoyed.D was pleased with his options, I was disappointed I felt like my meal had consisted of too much slush and gloop. Maybe I am a hard person to please. I don't mean to be - honest.
We went to a place that can only be described as avante garde - Belleville. The people were extremely friendly, I don’t know if it was the ambience of the place, the alcohol in their veins celebrating an occasion, or something else. But it was the most memorable of evenings we had, and it didn’t rain on us.
We checked out some of the artist shops and stumbled upon some images which we really liked. Of course it had to be the man of the moment: Barack Obama, a true icon of our times. D politely asked the artist if he could take a photo of two, we had expected a firm ‘non’ but were pleasantly given a ‘yes man, do whatever you want, feel free, enjoy yourself!’
We also took a picture of a bin on the outside, now I wouldn’t mind if that wheelie bin was at my allotment plot.
After playing tourist for 30 minutes, we finally sat down to enjoy some music from some unknown (probably up and coming young singers), watched the multicultural diversity of the people as they walked on by. It was all good. As I sipped on my glass of red wine, the young lad placed a complimentary plate of chips in front of me. They were one of the best plates of chips I had ever eaten. I would like to have stayed longer, but the one glass was going to my head, so back to Wagram it was.


  1. What lovely photos! Your trip sounds so fun and interesting. I think I need to plan a trip to Paris soon!

  2. Thanks Michele,
    We are both practising with our photography, but we don't anticipate it to be anything but a hobby.

    I would probably go back to Paris, but for a long weekend, and with perhaps a bit more focus on the things I really ant to do.


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