Thursday, 15 January 2009

Last seasons planting

It’s that time of year that I begin looking backwards and forward – to last seasons planting and crops which didn’t do so well; to the coming year and the hope that we will overcome whatever the weather throws at us, and still have a healthy return for our efforts.

Despite the problems with the weather last year, like many gardeners we managed to produce some fabulous specimens from our plot. Please do take a look.

Turnip purple top milan
Rainbow swiss chard - good in tarts and quiches
Tomato san manzano. Good for pizzas and paninis.
Rainbow carrots - no carrot fly. Yay.
Broad beans, calabrese, nint, courgette ronda di nizza, tri-colour and goldie.
yellow french beans neckar gold
Climbing green beans. I also grew purple climbing french beans blauhilde. Sorry I don't seem to have photos of them. On cooking the purple beans turned green. Tasted fine.

I have quite a lot of seeds left over from last years purchase, but this has not stopped me from flicking through the Organic Gardening catalogue where I order most of my seeds.

MMmm now what else would I like to grow...

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