Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Garden Vegetable Plot

At our previous place, which was a flat in rented accommodation, I had attempted to grow some herbs and baby carrots on the window ledge, but we were located on a busy main road, north facing building and nothing grew. I was so disappointed, and envious then of neighbours who had a small balcony or even a patch of green where they could place pots containing either pretty flowers or herbs.

Then about three years ago, we moved into our present humble abode. It is one of these one up one down houses. In Scotland they call these types of houses cottage flats. We live upstairs. Other than gaining an extra room for guests and a bit of garden green on the edge of a busy railway track, everything including the kitchen was on the small, but affordable size.

One of the first things D did for me at our new home together was dig me up a Vegetable Plot which measures 8 foot by 1o foot. We planted herbs such as fennel, lovage, dill, various lettuces like endive, sorrell and rocket, courgettes, kale, beetroot and parsnips. In pots I also grew baby carrots, dwarf green beans and potatoes. I also managed to grow one Victoria rhubarb plant from seed.

This growing bug did not only excite us, it excited our neighbour Nessie, whose late husband used to grow veg in the back garden. Nessie who must be in here 80s still grows potatoes, onions, beetroot and various lettuces.

After watching my garden plot grow for about a year, my interest in getting an allotment had been reignited. I wanted to grow more, I wanted to potatoes, broad beans, peas, pumpkins, broccoli, sweetcorn and so on.

Then it happened, after about 6 months on a waiting list for an allotment in the area, we got a phone call and were allocated Plot 11. It had its own shed and small quirky greenhouse built from scratch from recycled windows. We were buzzing, now I could get really ambitious and grow all those things I had only imagined about.

We still grow at the home garden plot. The Home garden plot is reserved for tender and sulking crops such as salad leaves, lettuces and herbs.

When the weather is cool, it’s nice to go down to the small garden, watch the birds, tend to plants - until a passing train disrupts the moments tranquillity with its noise and vibrations.

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