Saturday, 2 May 2009

Ants in the compost bin

We spent all morning at Plot 45, the weather was changeable. One minute it was spitting rain, the next it was sunning, then it was showery, then finally the sun came out and decided to stay.

We did quite a bit, mostly focusing on the brassica plants: Silverline sprouting broccoli, purple sprouting broccoli, Arcadia broccoli and the cabbage hispi all wanted to get out of their pots and begging to get into the ground. How could I say no, so that is what I did. Once all were firmly planting into the ground, there home for the next few months, D went ahead and build a net shield. Beautification of the allotment bye bye. Protection from those pigeons is the main priority here. D also put netting over the gooseberry plant, as the berries are starting to fatten up.
I continued with the gardeners favourite job of weeding. All that rain early in the week, although good for the potatoes and plants, also brought with it the weeds. So I weeded the potato bed gently, so not to disturb the potatoes that are starting to emerge. The strawberry bed and the front two beds, one of which merrily displayed the daffodils, that have now all died down, but another flower,with an orange buds (can't think of its name right now) is beginning to emerge.

I went to put some daffodil dead head cuttings into the compost bin and I had noticed some ants, actually hundreds, maybe even thousands of them had made themselves at home there in the nice moist warmth of the bin. I know this is our fault for having not turned the soil, but what do I do now? Any advice on how to encourage them to leave - other than chemicals. I don't really want to harm them. I have always been impressed with these insects, once as a child I witnessed how they had come into my mothers kitchen from the garden and carried granules of sugar, how they passed it over to the next ant and then the next in a neat orderly line. I was amazed at their teamwork. So if any one has experience of a friendly or organic method to move them along, please let me know.


  1. Ants drive me crazy and I can never figure out how to keep them away since I don't like to use chemicals.

  2. If I find out about an organic method, be assured I will share it with you. D has said to me to leave the ants alone, they ain't bothering anyone. Not yet, I thought!

  3. Hi,

    To whom it may concern,

    If anyone visiting knows of an organic way to move the ants from the compost bin, please do let me know. I would appreciate it.


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