Saturday, 11 April 2009

Work in progress

This picture was taken this morning, it has changed a lot by this afternoon, but I will share more tomorrow.
What a lovely day. Sun was out, and what did I want to do go to the allotment.
I planted a lot more seeds today, including the above peas that I managed to save last year.

Ah each time I take a peek into the greenhouse at the plot, I feed my soul with warm fuzzy feelings. Everything I have planted so far has germinated, the hispi and marner cabbages, white sprouting broccoli, even the parsnips which I sow in trays and then transplant into the ground have sprung from the soil. I have not yet succeeded with the method used by many growers, who dampen a tissue with the parsnip seeds and wait for them to germinate. I have tried this and been very patient, but the result has always been mould.

The peas I sowed in March are about two inches tall looking rather dainty. In my first year of allotment growing, I did grow some peas in guttering as recommended by the contributors of Gardeners World, but found it a hassle, so nowadays I grow the peas and the broad beans in saved toilet rolls; or tall slim pots. I know you can also buy these root trainer kits, but I have not yet purchased these as I think they are a bit expensive, so the toilet rolls it is for now. It’s a good way to recycle and its environmentally friendly, as it also disintegrates quite quickly and naturally.

The broad beans are now plants in their own right, I think they are nearly ready to be planted out. They are about five inches tall and looking very grand. The tomato seedlings are starting to look sturdy. The one thing that should be transplanted out now and covered are the turnips. I know people sow such seeds directly into the grounds, but again I personally prefer to sow all my seeds in trays and then transplant them out. Why? Simply because that way I know they have germinated and have not been nabbed by some creature underground or bird above. I do this from experience.

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