Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Unexpected gifts from nature

Just spent a couple of hours on Ds plot today. The weather is not too inviting today. Typical as its the official start of my holidays. The sky was clouding over as if it were to burst with rain any minute, plus I got the sniffles and I don't want it to get worse especially for my travels and visit down South. The lupins are looking quite pretty with the water droplets on them though, like little diamonds.
D had to put in the last of the maincrop potatoes in the ground, so while he was doing that I cleared up one of his beds that was overgrown with weeds. And guess what I found, some purple sprouting broccoli - Yipee. I am so delighted with this unexpected gift from nature, as I thought all my PSB had been nabbed by those pigeons. This will be part of a light lunch later.
All the potatoes are in now.
We have asked Fitzy to water the plants in the greenhouse while we are away visiting family and friends down London way. But I will still be worrying about the plants like a mother leaving her children behind, or a pet behind. Who would have thought that growing fruit and veg would have such an effect on you. Plants are a bit like children I guess, you water them, feed them, nurture them, tend to them...
Please note my dear in-laws don't have Internet yet, so I will not be able to blog for the next few days, so please be patient with me. I will however be back with some photos and reviews of my visit to the Incredible Veggie Show and maybe some images from Covent Garden. Who knows?


  1. You have a great blog, I've really enjoyed reading it!! What a bonus to find a PSB! I love surprises like that :o)

  2. Hi there I saw your comment on Ali's blog and followed the link. Your post made me smile as I am the same way about my little plants and seedlings, see my post dated feb 21st 2009, titled - ( My grand-daughter has arrived, and my obsession has got worse !) I like your interesting posts.
    best wishes

  3. What a lovely surprise that PSB was, hope it tasted lovely. Those rows of spuds look fantastic, I never seem able to get mine as high as that. Guess I need to make a special effort to earth them up more when they poke through... :)

  4. Julia
    Its very encouraging to get positive comments. Thank you so much:)
    Congratulations on the birth of your grand daughter. I am not a parent yet, but sometimes feel those butterflies. I will check out your blog for sure:)
    Paul and Melanie,
    Thanks for coming by. Those potatoes were planted by my husband D. Last year, I did exactly what you did, and the hard work of earthing them as they grew really startd to take it's toll on me, so this time D and myself watched some of our older fellow allotmenteers and we learned some techniques, so much easier now, but still hard work.


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