Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Delicious strawberries to come

Ooh sometimes I like doing the Early shift, as I get a chance to spend unexpected time at my plot.

A few months ago at work, they were getting rid of these large plastic containers on wheels simply because they were superfluous. The little recycler in me said I would take them off their hands for my plot, hence redirecting their journey to the allotment site rather than the councils tip. I thought with a little bit of creative artwork on the outside (when I have time on my hands), they would make good carrot containers, especially as they are well over two feet above the ground to distract that dastardly carrot fly.

So in one of the tubs, I planted some purple haze carrots and in the other I transplanted some strawberry plants given to me by Polytunnel Alan. This should keep the slugs away. Last year, most of my gorgeous, juicy red strawberries had been nabbed by some of these beastly creatures, this year I am determined to keep them protected the best I can.
Below is one of my raised beds, half of which has strawberries and the other half has asparagus. I weeded the bed and then surrounded some of the strawberry plants with plastic pot containers, which have had their bottoms cut off. They are rather raggedy, but hopefully they will keep those slimy slugs from trespassing. I just don't have enough plastic pots to surround each strawberry plant. So I will have to go and get some more fat balls for the birds in the garden, which come in these large clear plastic containers, and then recycle them for my strawberries.
I know the plastic containers make the patch look a bit unsightly, but flavour comes before beauty and if you want good looking and tasty fruit from your plot, you do have to protect these from those little beasties, who are just as tempted by your good looking grub. For me this is both economical and organic.


  1. You have been busy. We don't have any strawberry plants, I'd love some though.

  2. Thanks Nicisme. Do try and get some, they are so much tastier than the supermarket ones.


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