Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Cheats Thai Red Curry

He made me do it...he made me buy these 'out of season' ingredients. He did, he did... No he didn't - I just couldn't resist the prices today, plus my tongue is wanting something spicy. So the thrifty consumer in me gave in today and bought 100g sugar snap peas 50p, 100g baby sweetcorn 50p, a handful of carrots and 100g shiitake mushrooms reduced to 50p (the mushrooms and the carrots were the only two ingredient grown in the UK). The other ingredients I required for my dish were already at home: Thai red curry paste, basmati rice and coconut milk. So Thai Red curry it was to be.
The recipe is similar to the Thai green curry I've made before, the only difference is that I steamed the vegetables before adding them to the oil for a little braising. It was a nice change to our usual working day meal.


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