Saturday, 25 April 2009

Cool Coleslaw and British wine

As I had forgotten the baby leeks at the allotment, the Leeks and sour cream tart is a meal for another day. Instead we decided to have something really simple, as it was too warm to be in a small kitchen. So jacket potatoes with coleslaw is what we had.

Now time to chill out with a glass of British wine. yes, that's what I said British wine which happens to be vegan friendly too. It is actually not too bad; or maybe I am easily pleased.


  1. The coleslaw looks yummy! I had no idea that grapes were grown in the UK.

  2. Yes, I was surprised too. Grapes in the UK are usually grown In Southern counties of England. I don't know very much about this wine, it was new to me, only 8% alcohol, so no chance of a hangover.


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