Thursday, 9 April 2009

The plot on the other side

As you may remember, I have been helping D with ‘our’ original Plot 11, now it is primarily his. I thought I would show you some lovely pictures and a digital film of Plot 11 before I decided to transfer to Plot 45.

The photographs below were taken in 2007 after all the hard work and time we had invested in it. Other than the quirky greenhouse, that I painted yellow, and some make shift raised beds, there was nothing there. We had completely transformed it to a little oasis, then we discovered that the left side of the plot was really boggy and problematic. Everything above the ground grew relatively well, but everything below it just rotted, including the potatoes. D has been thinking about planting some fruit trees there, whereas I have been trying to persuade him to give it up and concentrate on Plot 45.

At the committee meeting that was held this Sunday for the first time since October. The Committee members mentioned they were going to let the empty and overgrown plots next to Plot 11 out. D was glad to hear this as this would address some of the dumping and weeds, but he was not optimistic about the land there.
This is a photo of Plot 11s wildlife pond.
Look closer you can see a frog. Not a real one unfortunately. We only sighted a real frog once and D was so excited by it, that I swear he’s frightened it to come back again, as we have not seen one since. But the birds love it and the diving beetles.
Next to Plot 11, there is our friendly neighbour Fitzy. Fitzy has a lovely plot with a gorgeous plum tree. But recently he transferred to another plot. He has been allocated a plot in the middle of the site that requires a lot of work. Fitzy’s reason for transferring is a little similar to mine, he’s not happy with the land there – no worms for a start, but he is also unhappy with the 'neds' shouting abuse and sometimes throwing glass bottles over. I also think he secretly misses Ds company, as D spends more time at Plot 45 than Plot 11 and he is often there on his own. Fitzy has paid up until September so is moving things to the new plot slowly and at his pace.
Below is a short film of Plot 11 from Spring 2008 taken with my digital camera. Enjoy!
The greenhouse presently is a little battered and mangled by the strong winds, but salvageable. It is going to be moved to my Plot 45 at some point.

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