Sunday, 12 April 2009

Dandelions Roar

There is plenty happening in the green house right now, but here are some seedlings in progress...
This is the cabbage marner.
Cabbage Hispi
Some more recycling of kitchen and toilet rolls.
Broad beans growing happily in recycled kitchen and toilet roll. These have been up-potted. Er I think they are ready to be transplanted outside now?
Some tomato plants.
Parsnips grown in trays. Very slow to germinate. Patience!
And with the vegetable seedlings come the weeds, most notably the dandelion. They seem to be everywhere I look at the moment.


  1. Don't fret the dandelions -- eat them! They taste like radicchio and will be one of the first things to eat in the spring.

    Check it out:

  2. Thanks for encouraging me to try dandelion leaves. I will do and will post my tasting experience of them. Also Thanks for the links:) I will be checking them out


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