Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Signs of the first berries

Look signs of my first strawberry! The ones in the bed are starting to bud. I know I have placed these unsightly plastic tubs around, but I do not have enough, and I think I need double reinforcement. I don’t mind sharing my strawberries with beasties, but last year I got none. This time I am determined to have some. So I am considering planting some sacrificial lettuces and marigold around the bed to, so that the slugs are attracted to them rather than the juicy red berries. Let’s see if it makes a difference, otherwise I may have to consider organic slug pellets and I really don’t want too.
Other pretty berries starting to establish themselves are the currants: red currants, white currants and black currants.

I will be throwing netting over these in not too long, as I am sure the birds are watching them closely too!


  1. Good idea about the netting: I waved my lovely gooseberries goodbye and set off for work one spring day last year. Came home to find....nothing! Bloomin' birds had eaten them all while I was out. If I hadn't taken a photo of the poor berries I'd have thought I'd imagined them.

    Have put up lots of netting this year...

  2. I feel for you, I really do. Hopefully, this year you will get lots of good berries for your belly!

  3. I love berries so much. I hope you have a great harvest.


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