Sunday, 12 April 2009

Walking Greenhouse

We finally moved the greenhouse from Plot 11 to Plot 45. Although it was light (not made of glass), we did need a couple of extra pair of hands. Thank you. The lifting was not the hard part, it was the manoeuvring through the tight pathways and dodging the low tree branches above. Once we got past that the rest was easy peasy. The greenhouse slotted perfectly into the space we had been clearing up the past few weeks. There were two reasons for moving the greenhouse. The first is, D may finally decide to give up Plot 11 in September (no signs of that yet) and as this greenhouse cost me a couple of hundred pounds, I wanted to keep hold of it. The second reason is, when we are both rushing home after work, watering and tending to growing plants in two plot greenhouses in two different directions can be tiring, so we decided to have them on the same plot. This in the long term will save us both time, especially on rainy days - when all you want to do is get home, eat and rest.
Look at the empty space on Plot 11 now where the greenhouse once stood. As there are paved slabs there, D said he wants to keep it as a seating area. We have decided on Plot 11, we will be growing veg and fruit that will need low maintenance.
After putting the greenhouse in it's new home. We got back over to Plot 11 and continued with our weeding and digging. You may have noticed that Ds plot is greener than mine. D likes to have a bit of grass for the wildlife and bugs - but this means cutting grass, and it is already needing it. We have a manual grass cutter, I can see that coming over in a couple of weeks time, not this weekend as I we are off down to London to see my in-laws and go the Incredible Veggie Show.
I had already weeded this plot, but D was forking it over ready for the broad beans to be transplanted - maybe tomorrow - if I have any energy.
We also placed this bit of heavy wood donated a few years ago to the allotment from one of the shipping yards. We decided to use if as a border. I rather like it, it's au naturale and rather pleasing to the eye.
Sometimes, I am bad for nabbing things. I dragged this old dirty bath over when I saw a new allotment holder dumping it in a corner. D thinks I should be realistic with what I want to do with it, otherwise I may end up becoming a hoarder of junk. He is right. I have to think about it NOW, I have till tomorrow to think about it as it will be my chance to return it back to where I dragged it from, after that it becomes my responsibility.
This is D's scrawny gooseberry plant. Mine is not looking any better, (maybe I will show you tomorrow why), but his rhubarb is looking starting to look good. The rhubarb crowns on my plot do not seem to have burst from the ground.
There are many benefits about having two plots including more choice of vegetables to grow: all those varieties. The drawback, more work, more weeds and more digging. 'It will all be worth it in the end' she says through gritted teeth. Follow us and see how we cope.


  1. What a busy bee you've been! That bath could be brilliant for flowers or as a wormery. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

  2. I know I have been a busy bee, and it's not over yet. Two more morning there and then that will be me. I am off to see the in-laws this weekend, so am spending as much time there as I can.

    I like the idea of the bath for a wormery, but it has holes in it, so I have decided to plant nastitiums in it.


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