Thursday, 6 August 2015

Ratatouille with VPud Black Pudding and Polenta Cakes

As much as I enjoy watching Ratatouille the animation movie, I have to confess that I have never ever actually liked eating ratatouille.  Every time I have ever had it its been overcooked, maybe it is mean't to be that way, but then I find it not pleasant and mushy suitable for children.  

I've even tried the Cypriot version known as Briami and the Turkish version known as Turlu and I still wasn't converted.  
That was well over 5 years ago, and  I am always willing to give things another try, as tastes mature, dont they?!. 
Truth is I had not intended on making ratatouille, but I found myself with vegetables that just shouted make ratatouille with us.  
So these vegetables were chopped and stewed with some herbs and chopped tomatoes transferred to a casserole pot to simmer away slowly.   
I know squash is not traditional in a Ratatouille, but I had half a butternut squash in the fridge that had to be used, so I added it to the post.  Its an optional extra.
It was suggested to me to serve the ratatouille with crusty bread, but I opted to make some griddled polenta cakes cut in the shape of flowers of course.  Let me assure you that the above (pictured) polenta did not go to waste, it was enjoyed the following day.
When I placed the polenta in the fridge to set,  I was reminded of this V Pud - Vegetarian Black Pudding that I picked up a couple of weeks back.   I've had V Pud - Vegetarian Black Pudding  a few times when I lived in Scotland  see here.  I have to admit I was not overly keen on it then as I found it a little powdery, but for old times sake (Thankful for my time in Scotland) I decided trying it again.  I had not expected to use it an an accompaniment to this meal though, but it worked.  For me the star of the dish was actually the VPud - it was much spicier and textured than I remembered.  It was very reminisce of vegetarian haggis too.   I wondered if the recipe has been improved, if so - so much the better as I will definitely be picking some more up when I see it again.   
As for the ratatouille,  do you remember at the start I said I didn't like ratatouille.  Well, honestly I still feel the same about it.  Its not a dish I will be making again in a hurry. 
For those of you who have not watched Ratatouille here is the link to the trailer.


  1. I found it is much better roasted in the oven, instead of cooked in a pot - you might try it that way next time. I love your polenta flowers - what a cool idea!

    1. Thanks AfricanAussie. I did do these in the oven, but in a casserole pot. I will oven roast them should I wish to give them a go again. I've done polenta flowers before for a Tamale Pie, so glad you like

  2. I feel a bit the same about ratatouille - but I had good one recently so I am re-enthused - and I love your presentation with the polenta flowers - have never had veg black pudding but it sounds most interesting

    1. Makes me feel much better that you feel the same Johanna, sometimes I think perhaps I am just being a food snob. I thought You may have come across veggie black pudding when you lived in Scotland, not sure why I thought that - but if your back in the UK, so try to seek some out and try some. It was v reminisce of veggie haggis, the kind I had at the Baked Potato in Edinburgh.

  3. well I kind of have to agree with you... in my mind ratatouille needs a bucket load of cheese before it tastes nice and then you've got a veggie lasagne so why bother. Yours looks pretty though and it's nice and healthy and I adore Black Pudding so i'll try the veggie stuff!

    1. Oh thanks Dom, believe it or not makes me feel better to know other feel similar about ratatouille. Do seek out the veggie black pudding if you can, I have no doubt you will.


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