Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Ms Marmite Lovers Carrot, Pepper and Red Lentil Tagine

I quite like Moroccan Tagines, but have been a bit bored with the Traditional 7 Vegetable version designed for vegetarians, so when I saw Ms Marmite Lovers Carrot, Pepper and Red Lentil Tagine from here new cookbook V is for Vegan, I knew instantly that I wanted to try it. I had all the ingredients to hand: black olives, ras al hanout; even saffron and orange blossom water; and more impressively my very own Tajine, though I admit I don't use it much. 

For those of you who have been reading my blog for years, will know that I am not vegan and nor is Ms Marmite Lover, who like me is a vegetarian.  But we do both indulge in a lot of vegan savoury and sweet eats.  I've been following Ms Marmite Lover since 2009 when I learned of her kick starting ,perhaps the first ever Underground Restaurant in the United Kingdom and inspiring many many others to follow.  These have of course since evolved into Pop Up Restaurants.  There was once a time that I imagined setting my own up, but it never happened from my 1 bed flat in Scotland, though I did have a go at it with my vegetarian culinary adventure a couple of years back when I moved to Wales - who knows, I may give it a go again in the future, who knows ... 
I actually had Ms Marmite Lovers Black & Green Cheesecake with Bengali Lime & Avocado bookmarked to make first, but the fact is avocados a key ingredient for the cheesecake do not come into my home that often, and when it does it is quickly transformed into a guacamole. I do intend to make the Oreo base cheesecake though, just a matter of time.  

Okay back to the Carrot, Pepper and Red Lentil Tagine.  
Ms Marmite Lover I listen to you, read your blog and trust you and your recipes, but I have a confession to make. I hope you will forgive me.  I skipped the roasting of the peppers and peeling the skin away, purely for time,  I assure you though that I followed every other instruction written for the recipe, the use of Orange Blossom water, saffron, cinnamon stick and Ras el Hanout and black olives.  
Once the Carrot, Pepper and Red Lentil Tagine was made and served up, I was really apprehensive of D's attitude towards the finished dish.  It had red lentils and I remembered his reaction when I made the Berbere Lentils a little while back.  Well, he didn't look overly enamoured by the look of the tagine, but after a couple of mouthfuls, he praised it as being 'really good, really really good'.  Wow, praise indeed for a humble looking Tagine.  I served it as suggested with fluffy couscous, as well as some preserved lemons, either home-made or from a jar and some pickled chillies, because I always like a little kick.

I am sure Ms Marmite Lover Kerstin Rodgers aka Ms Marmite Lover won't mind me sharing her recipe here, but I am not going to as I would like to encourage you to get your own copy of her exciting cookbook V is for Vegan.   I promise you its not a basic vegan cookbook, its not hippy dippy, its not about being princess of the greens, its not even a table top glamour cookbook - its much more that, its about real vegan food. Its bursting with vivid colours, fabulous food styling and the photography is just gorgeous.  For that reason it should not come as a surprise to you that it's one of my Bedside cookbooks  


  1. sounds like fun - I want to imagine that it has marmite in it though I am not sure it is that sort of flavour - the spices and orange blossom water sound really lovely and summery

    1. No marmite in it Johanna.
      The orange blossom water did add something different to the dish, plus it was much sweeter than other tagines I've had

  2. I like the idea of tagines, and often think about buying a nice one, but worry I won't find enough veggie recipes to make in it to justify it!

    1. I have a tagine, but have to admit its more for display, I am too afraid to use it. I don't think you need one really, a casserole pot would suffice, but a tagine does look impressive when guests are over.


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