Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Oven Baked Za'atar Tomato and Potato Frittata

Long day at work, so I will share something else that was made in the oven the weekend - Za'atar Tomato and Potato Frittata or Tortilla.   

Sliced, this Frittata is good for a picnic, BBQ or buffet food.
This one is made with potatoes, juicy plum tomatoes and then binded with eggs, doused generously with za'atar and then baked in the oven until set.  Its good either at room temperature or cold. We had some left over and took it into work for lunch. 

I am sharing this Oven Baked Za'atar Tomato and Potato Frittata with Alphabakes. The chosen alphabet letter this month is Z.  I have to admit, I was initially struggling with the Z, then was reminded by another fellow blogger of the wonderful spice blend Za'atar and it does play a role in this recipe.  Alphabakes is alternatively co-hosted by either Caroline at Caroline Makes or Ros ofMore Than Occasional Baker.   Adapted from this recipe.


  1. I've never heard of Za'atar, Shaheen. Can you say more about it? I hope you and D are keeping well.

  2. Hi e,
    Its a zesty middle eastern herb blend with thyme, sesame seeds and sumac. See this post, it also has a picture of the jar
    We are okay, obviously life could always be a bit bette. Hope your well

  3. I did not know sumac could be eaten...thought it gave people hives and skin rash like poison ivy...thanks for the information.

    1. e
      Be careful, its not the same thing. Though related, very different
      See this link by the kitchn

  4. I came across za'atar the last time we had this letter for Alphabakes and was wondering if anyone would use it this time - this is a great recipe and really versatile! Thanks for sharing with Alphabakes.

    1. Thank you Caroline, agree - versatile indeed.


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