Sunday, 30 August 2015

Photo an Hour: Glimpse of My Saturday

Inspired by Second Hand Susie I am joining in for the first time with Photo and Hour.  The 29th August was chosen as photo an hour day this month.

Here are some snaps from one of my first Saturday in weeks when I have not been been working. So it began with a much needed long sleep in. 

Around 10am - I never take for granted my first cup of tea made by my lovely D.  I take it to the computer and check out my blog, e mails, world news etc. While D messes with the boiler as we have no hot water coming from the taps, a bit of fiddling and its up and running - I can finally go and have a shower
Around 11am, As I dry my hair with a towel, I take a peek through the back window.  Thoughts are turning to the garden and perhaps some harvesting.
Around 12am, I inspect and pick some plums from our fruit tree and give some to our neighbours - left and right, as we have way to many for us. 
Around 1pm - D decides instead of having a lazy Saturday, he would weed the slabs in the front of the house, and somehow ropes me into helping him.  It looks much better now that it is done.
Around 2pm - We both sit down and have a deserved slice of homemade Blueberry and Apple Galette (I will share the recipe soon).
Around 3pm - I decide to do some laundry and more laundry.
Around 4pm, one of my elderly neighbours comes round with a bag full of runner beans, all topped, tailed and sliced.  Really generous and really kind.  He could see our green beans are a sad selection this year. 
Around 5pm, as its a long weekend with the Bank Holiday I make some vegetarian 'facon bacon' for us to lunch on during the day. Its good and lasts a fortnight, as long as it is refrigerated.
Around 6pm, I hover over my selection of vegetarian, vegan and general cookbooks looking for inspiration for week day meals. 
Around 7pm, I perch myself in front of the computer for today's blog post which is about #EatYourGreens  vegetarian and vegan recipe submissions which make use of green vegetables. 
Around 8pm, we decide on what movie to watch from our DVD collection.  We watch 'Seven Psychopaths'.
Around 9pm, more than an hour or so into our movie, D brings over a plate of crackers and cheese.  I usually like popcorn, but if he is doing the late night nibbles round, its often cheesy crackers.
Around 10pm . blowing out the soy scented Coconut candle to go to bed. 

Its been interesting cataloguing my day in hours, not the most exciting, adventurous or glamorous, but hey that is me.  Did you participate in Photo An Hour?  If not, would you be interested?  Photo and Hour is hosted by Jane and Louisa


  1. Sounds a bit relaxing and a bit productive, Shaheen. Mine wasn't nearly and rain forced a change in plan...I've noticed that people who use mobiles to take pictures seldom remember to take them when they're out...We should have snapped a few of my friend's birthday lunch and forgot...too busy nattering.

    1. Well captured e. D didn't want to go our exploring today, so it was a homely day. Shame yours wasn't as such, we have rain here today - the weather is so unpredictable. I don't use this particular phone much, but is has come in handy for a blog post such as this. Sometimes, its good to leave your phone at home, so many people natter over the phone than in person - your birthday lunch sounds good, nice way to spend time with friends. I don't have too many, those I do have are the closest ever - just far away :(

  2. I loved your photo a day post! Your garden is looking lovely, and I'm jealous of both your facon and your cookbook collection!

    I've tweeted your link to Jane and Louisa, so hopefully they'll include you in their #photoanhour round up blog post :) xx

    1. Thank you Susie - it was because of you I participated. Follow the link, you could easily make the recipe at home, as for my cookbook collection, I hate to boast but this is only a glimpse. Thank you so much for letting Jane and Louisa know, I wait to see their up-dated posts to link up.

  3. What a lovely peek into your every day life - a day spent with good food, good cookbooks and kindly neighbours is something special. And I enjoyed checking out some of your DVDs

    1. Thanks Johanna, I am usually a lot more active than this - with a day out, but it was a homely kinda weekend and nice not to be working. I have a cauliflower and I am looking for some inspiration to do something different with it, and I am stumped - cookbooks are not helping. Can you guess which are my DVDs and which as D's and which are shared? :)

  4. Hi Shaheen, thanks so much for joining in! I hope you'll become a regular member of the group - your photos are great, and full of such delicious looking food!

    I'm at, and I share hosting duties with Louisa at Duck in a Dress. :)


    1. Thank you Janey, it was actually quite interesting to do - it showed me how much time I sit at the computer, terrible really. I would love to join in again, please let me know of the date.


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