Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Pay it Forward - Whose getting a Package from Scotland

About a week or so ago, I got a wonderful box of smiles from Ribbit of The Corner Yard, I was real chuffed with all my gifts, now its my turn to 'pay it forward'. Pay it Forward was started by fellow bloggers in the U.S.A. The idea is to send the lucky recipient something local. The recipient then has to Pay a gift forward as well.

As I had only two people put their names forward for the Pay It Forward package, it was easy to decide who got the package. They both do. The recipients of my little box of smiles are Oraphan of Easy Veggie and the Mommy of Two Vegan Boys CONGRATULATIONS!

Oraphan and Mommy of Two Vegan Boys, please can you contact me on my e mail. The e mail address can be found on my profile page. Please send me your address and a package from this corner of Scotland will head your way early next week.

If you would rather not receive the package please do let me know. Remember, the idea is that once you receive the package, you should find someone to 'pay it forward' to.


  1. Fantastic! I can't wait to see where the idea goes from here. Thank you for paying it forward!

  2. OMG!!! Oh My Goodness, Mangocheeks!!! I can't believe you picked both of us, that was so sweet of you! I'm wondering what would happen if you used www.random.org??? I'd really love to play along with you, it sounds like a lot of fun. I've already started to think about what to give as a gift around here:) I hope you will receive the cookbook from me very soon and you can find my address on the package. Thank you so much, Mangocheeks!!!

  3. Yippee! I am doing the Snoopy happy dance right now. Now I am going to have to think about what to send. Thanks again.

  4. Thank you Ribbit.

    Guess what I received the book from your 50th post give-away today, it was there on my mat when I came in from work. Thank you so much. I can't wait to have a good look at it.

    Mommy of two vegan boys.
    I wish I could see you doing the dance.

    Thank you to you BOTH so, so much for participating. I will get the packages off to you both on Monday.

    Guess what, both packages are going to the USA.


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