Sunday, 17 January 2010

Ribbit....there is a frog in my post

and a handsome one it is too!
On Friday, when I got in from work I found a card on my floor from the postman saying 'sorry you weren't in'. It so happened I missed getting a parcel. So yesterday morning, I got up bright and early and walked over to the delivery office to pick up my parcel. I was so delighted, it was my 'Pay It Forward' parcel from Ribbit of The Corner Yard. Some of you may remember in December, my blog name was picked out by Ribbits little boy to become one of the lucky recipients.

So what surprises did this parcel have for me. Well there was this little frog, that already has been given a home on an houseplant pot. These cute gardeners gloves that will see some dirt when spring comes, a jar of lush looking, home-made Apple Pie syrup which I can't wait to try with either waffles, pancakes or even over vanilla ice-cream. I am really drooling over it. and a T-shirt from Mayfield Dairy Farm which I am really liking. It has a cute log 'Home of the Big Dipper'. I'm not familiar with it, so will have to read up a bit more about that.
Pay it Forward was started by fellow vegetable and fruit growers in the U.S.A. The parcels have always contained something that is garden orientated. The aim of the 'Pay it Forward' is to send the lucky recipient something local and something green. The recipient then has to Pay a gift forward as well. I am so grateful for my gifts. Thank you so, so much Ribbit. I accepted this gift with a promise to pay it forward, now it is my turn to 'pay it forward'. So if you would like to receive a little something from mangocheeks, just leave a comment and say, "I'm in!" and I'll have to come up with a way to choose the recipient next Sunday. I will announce the recipients name the following day.


  1. I'm so excited it all made it!

    Mayfield Dairy is a regional dairy. It prides itself on its superiority and thereby only delivers to the Southeasern U.S since they don't feel they can guarantee freshness past that. The bag the shirt came in with the brown and yellow circle with the cow is their main logo. The milk bottling plant is 4 miles from us.

    Good luck to the next recipient!!

  2. Thank you SO much Ribbit. I appreciate it all very much.

    Thanks for the info on Mayfield Dairy too, when I get round to wearing the T-Shirt, I'll be able to talk a little more about it.

  3. "I'm in."

    This is such a wonderful idea and the parcel you received is great.

    Hope you have a lovely day.

  4. I am in awe that you are still able to harvest anything at all...I'm definitely jealous of your growing season! I just spent another $80+ on various vegetable seed :) anxiously awaiting spring!

  5. How wonderful! Congrats, Mangocheeks! Everything looks fantastic and I love that handsome frog:) I'm in!!!


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