Saturday, 9 January 2010

Vegan Sloppy Joes

and 'no' I am not talking about an emotionally, sensitive friend called Joe. A sloppy Joe is an American dish made from minced beef, onions, sweet rich tomato sauce and other seasonings, served on a hamburger bun.

I have mentioned it before, but D is demi-vegetarian by association. He is quite content with what I feed him, but now and again he craves for a bit of texture. I am not one into mock meat substitutes, but occasionally I will make something that imitates say meat such as mock 'meat' balls or Glamorgan sausages mainly for him.

A couple of days ago, he wanted something with a bit more chew. I remembered I had some Textured vegetable protein, TVP for short in a jar from the 'meat balls' and 'vegan Kievs' I made last year. I also had a couple of recipes marked in two different vegan cookbooks using TVP, but one stood out: Sloppy Joes, so that is what I decided to make.
D lived in the States for a couple of years, namely in a place called West Virginia and has eaten the real meat version of Sloppy Joes. So I looked to him for his verdict.

How’s it compare to the real thing?!
His response, it could be a bit more sloppier but it’s a pretty good vegan sloppy Joes substitute.

He was right the TVP I used seemed to absorb a lot of the juices, so my sloppy joes, was not as sloppy as expected as the title suggests. But I was pretty pleased to note that it was not far off.

We’ve had vegan Sloppy Joes twice this week. Once with with crusty bread and onion rings and secondly with home-grown, frozen peas and roasted potato cubes.
I followed the recipe from How it all Vegan pretty much word for word. But because flavoursome tomatoes are out of season, the only thing I did different was blitz half a tin of chopped tomatoes and 2 tablespoons of tomato puree for the sauce. I used the remaining half a tin in place of the 1 tomato.

I actually think you can actually use the Sloppy Joes as a pie filling, as it reminds me a bit of Cottage pie.


  1. Thank you for the kind words on my blog. It is so nice to make another veggie friend in the UK.

    The sloppy joes look divine. I will have to check out that recipe. I think it is something my two little guys would enjoy.

    I look forward to hearing more about your gardening. We garden as well.

  2. Wowsers! That looks really good!


  3. I lovvve my mock cheese, but for some reason i cant eat mock meat, just makes me feel ill at the thought...too close to the real thing i guess. But I didnt know what sloppy joe was, so thanks for sharing :)


  4. That looks quite tasty. I use TVP quite regularly in my home and just today my mum made some mince pies based on the West Indian version of mince meat pie which is actually made with real minced beef.

    Like you suggested I also make shepard's pie with it and many more minced beef base recipes.

  5. Your Sloppy Joes look great, we had the meat version just the other night so it was funny to see that you also had them, they are great in cold weather. It was interesting to see that "D" Lived in West Virginia, it is where I grew up! I lived there until just a few years ago. I am glad your vegan joes stood up to the the real thing.

  6. Thank you so much Vegan Mom of Two Vegan Boys.

    I am sure ths recipe from Barnard and Kramer on the blog, if not, please let me know and I would be happy to include my variation for you.

    Once the ice melts away my visits to the alloment should continue, but with the cold, I have been wimping out.

    Thank you Pam, My husband thoroughly enjoyed his vegan sloppy Joes.

    Hi Rose,
    It's interesting to learn that you don't enjoy mock 'meat' substitutes. I've tried vegan cheese and I have not liked any of the them.

    Hi Kella,
    I wasn't aware that you used TVP, so Thank you for letting me know. In the past I've made my mothers 'Indian style' spicy minced meat 'keema' with peas all rolled up in a roti, mmm may have to give them ago again.
    Your mum's West Indian 'mince' pies sound intriguing. I look forward to seeing it feturing on your blog oneday.

    I agree with your idea about shephard's pie.

    Thanks HP,
    So do my 'Sloppy Joes' look close to the meat version? It woudl be good to read your view, as D may be a tad biased. Your right they were great for this cold snap were having here.
    Its interesting to learn that you grew up in West Virginia. D. told me that there are a few small towns in WV, so perhaps you may have crossed paths. Wow, reminds me how small the world is sometimes.

  7. My Mom makes the best Sloppy Joes and I used to love it when I'd come home from school and the minute I opened the door I could smell 'em. My Mom also made Sloppy Joe's with ground turkey which were my favorite!

  8. I'm so glad this post bought back some good memories for you Michelle.

  9. Yeah, sloppy joes gotta be a bit runnier. But the consistency as it is now might make a good mock shepherd's pie.

    Since you're using homegrown ingredients, would you like to enter this post in our Grow Your Own roundup this month? Full details at

  10. Hi Chez Annie,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

    Unfortunately the sloppy joes does not contain any of my homegrown ingredients. With it being winter I rely on my store cupboard and freezer ingredients. However the potatoes and peas (in the freezer) on the plate are home grown.

    Thanks for letting me know that GYO has started up, I may make a different submission.


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