Sunday, 17 January 2010

Ice puddles at the plot

Most of the snow had melted away, so we went over the allotment for a little while. Let me warn you in advance these images of my plot are not particularly pretty.
As we stepped in, you could smell the stench of rotting brassicas.
Look at my beautiful rainbow chard, now looking meek and sodden, maybe they will get a burst of energy and come back up.
I can't say the same for these cabbages which will be heading for the compost bin for sure. We stepped into the hut to see how the roof was holding up. You may remember rainwater was coming through one of the corners. It actually wasn't too bad at all.
We had stored some Orla potatoes in the hut in jute sacks. When I checked them, they had all gone saggy. We hadn't stored them properly. Such as waste and Yes we are disappointed, but it is a lesson learned for next time.
I don't think I will be getting a second burst of my amazing early purple sprouting broccoli, but the 'nine star perennial' white broccoli is looking good, there are some buds emerging. These leeks are looking okayish though.
Here's me in my sequin black hat and purple coat trying to pull some leeks out of the ground. I managed to pull out four.
I also harvested some sprout trees. There a little on the small size.
I decided to keep the healthier looking leaves of the Brussels sprouts plant too. I've never had them before, so the intention is to eat them over the coming week, perhaps with some mashed potatoes. I would have harvested some parsnips and beetroot, but I wasn't dressed appropriately, maybe next weekend.
The short visit was also a reminder of the work that has to be done. Remember our wind damaged greenhouse, if we can repair it we will, otherwise we will have to build one like the one above (see my header) with discarded window panes that can be recycled. I also noted that some of the bed panels had been dislodged, they too will need to be replaced. Ah so much work to do and I am not just talking about the seeds. Roll on springtime.


  1. Sorry to hear about your potatoes - completely empathise about the waste. We went down to our plot today - the first time for a long time - and it was a complete mess. I did manage to harvest a load of Jerusalem artichokes though and CT was pleased to see some of his Oca breeding project tubers had survived the cold - something he had been worrying about.

  2. Thanks for posting about your was interesting to see which ones pulled through. Too bad about the looked like a nice harvest, but as you say...lessons learnt for next time...a gardener's mantra.

    We only had a short cold snap here back in December... I lost my chard in that too...kale and broccoli pulled through ok.

  3. Ouch! I am sorry. that totally sucks.

  4. We are facing the same thing in our garden. We had a freeze and are still trying to figure out what will survive. But we are already planning for spring.

  5. Oh, Mangocheeks! That looks and sounds like a lot of work at the plot waiting for you! Thank Goodness, the white broccoli and leeks are doing okay. Can't wait to see what you'll come up with these beautiful brussels sprouts!

  6. You have a very nice garden area though and it is winter..he he! Hope you will easily get your greenhouse back up to par in know time...we would love to have one!


  7. Your leeks look lovely, Mango. I can almost smell the rotting brassicas, but that doesn't bother me.
    If you let those potatoes dry out, you might be able to replant them for the next season.
    I think a black sequin hat is fine garden finery!

  8. Thanks Choclette,
    Yes, a lot of work to do when weather permits.

    Ooh I forgot about my Jerusalem artichokes, maybe I'll dig some up this weekend.

    I saw Oca in one of the catalogues and was intrigued by their 'maggot' looks. I am sure they have an interesting taste, so look forward to hearing from you about them and CTs project.

    Thanks Rose.
    'Lessons learnt for next time'...
    a gardener's mantra. I like that.

    Sorry to read about your chard. It is good though that we still have some of our veg to enjoy.

    Thanks HayMarket8.
    It will hopefully be Better next time.

    Hello K,
    Fingers crossed you have some veg to harvest.

    Hi Oraphan.
    Yeah, it is going to be a lot of work, but thats why I have D. Just kidding. I will work hard too!

    I am looking forward to trying out the white broccoli. You will know how it tastes in the not too distant future!

    I saw a recipe on HayMarket8 blog for sprouts, so that is one I am def. going to try.

    Thanks Pam.
    We need all the luck to fix the greenhouse!

    I would recommend you getting one for sure. Home grown tomatoes taste outstanding.

  9. Thank you Barbara.
    I did think about drying out the potatoes, but they are actually a little far gone and give off a bit of 'puss' ugh, but Thank you for suggesting it.

    And Thanks for making me smile about my hat!

  10. Hi mangocheeks

    More on Ocas on CTs blog -

  11. Hi mangocheeks, I am sorry to read about the devestation on the plot and losing the greenhouse compounds a very bad winter.We have leeks and still pulling brussels sprouts,but it is too cold to even think about digging or anything that would involve even walking on the soil.Roll on Spring!

  12. Aah! sorry to hear of the potatoes demise, your plot looks like my vege garden and it also has smelly rotting brassicus plants to discard as well. I did notice my very small purple sprouting brocolli is doing well though.

    Like you my chard and perpetual spinach looks particularly sad but I do expect them to bounce back in the early spring for one last harvest/ two.

  13. Thank you Choclette.
    I will be sure to check it out :D

    Hi Peggy,
    Thanks for your kind words about my poor greenhouse.

    I agree about the digging...too cold and more snow is forecast!

    Thank you Kella.
    Feeling better knowing that I am in good company with smelly rotting brassicus plants.

    I am happy to read that you have some purple sprouting brocolli growing. I shouldnt be envious, you may remember i was harvesting mine July onwards.

    Hopeful that the chard spring back into life and colour :D


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