Friday, 8 January 2010


This is what Britain looks like from space.
This is what it looks like in my garden plot.
Even the waterboy feature looks cold and miserable. Every day since Christmas eve D. has gone out to smash a small hole in the water that has iced over by the plummeting cold temperatures, so that the little birdies can wet their beaks.
I haven’t written very much about the allotment since harvesting a Brussels sprout tree on Christmas eve. The truth is with work and the lingering cold weather I just haven’t had much opportunity to go over and do you blame me.

Saying that though, D and me did stop by briefly after visiting one of the local supermarkets nearby, and I wished we hadn't gone as it made my heart sink. At the gate there was a sign. ‘To the heartless B#r*%&$! who burned down huts ** and **. Have a Happy New Year’. We entered the site, and went to check out these two particular huts. They had been burned down professionally, and by professional I mean it wasn’t random, these were specifically targeted. I don’t want to speculate or dwell on it, so will change the subject now.

We wandered over to our plot, where the gate was still frozen, so we couldn’t get in. We just looked a the ice-lolly sprouts and leeks, droopy chard and cabbages all still and cold like an art installation.
Anyway, here is what the ruby chard and cavolo nero looks like in the garden plot.
Even the garden ornaments are getting a hiding from the snow.
It's the birds I feel for, no berries, no apples, no water. Please do try and make an effort to feed the birds. Ds. been ever so good. We've been buying apples from the local supermarket and he's been patiently threading the apples with some jute string and then throwing them up in the tree (poorly) but they are there, so that at the fieldfair can feed off them, until the blackbird comes of course!


  1. I can't believe someone would burn down allotment sheds - that's awful! :(

    On a happier note... you have some beautiful photos there, and the shot from space is incredible too! We have a bird feeder all the time, and there's certainly more 'traffic' in the snow.

  2. How heartless and cruel. There's just no understanding why people do things, sometimes.

    Stay warm.

  3. It's cold and snowy here too in Ohio!

    Stay Warm and enjoy! We always feed the sqirrels!

  4. it must feel like you will never thaw with all that snow - aren't the seasons amazing how life can change so much - glad you are helping the birds with some water - we try and have a little water in our garden in the heat for the opposite reason

  5. So sorry to hear about the vandalism. :-(

    THe nice thing about blogging though is that we can share these experiences. And even if you couldn't get veggies out of your garden, at least you got some really charming photographs :-)
    Thank you

  6. We have been putting our plenty of seeds, nuts, fruit and bread plus water for the birds. We are getting so many more in during this weather than ever before - blackbirds, wood pidgeons, pied wagtail, sparrows, dunnocks, fieldfares (never had them in before till this weather hit, starlings, blue tits, great tits, chaffinches, robins, thrush and even a jenny wren has popped by. It is great to see so many birds, but your right, they need a helping had at the moment.

  7. I have been having to keep the water bowl melted for the birds as well but now I have to buy another cause it slipped and fell from me on Tuesday and broke :(

  8. Ohh so sad that people burnt down the huts! I dont understand why people light fires on purpose, i really dont. Such a shame your plot is so icy, it looks freeezing there! Which might be nicer than the 40 degree weather we have here today?


  9. Hi Rachel,
    You've heard of office politics, unfortunately there is a thing called 'allotment politics' too, but this is personal. It is sad, esp as I know both these particular plot holders.

    Thank you Ribbit.
    I have thick knitwear and thick cosy socks to keep me warm and a hot 'tigger' water bottle.

    Thank you Pam,
    I don't see many squirrels where I am, I live on an Industrial estate where the train goes by, but I do see foxes now and again.

    Thanks Johanna.
    Yeah the little birds and beasties need water not just when it freezes over, but in places like where you are to quench thier thirst because of the heat.

    Thanks Alessandra.
    Yeah, some of the picutres are quite nice. I'm pleased with them.

    Thanks for sharing James.
    And so delighted that fellow bloggers like yourself are being mindful of the little creatures with wings.

    I have been getting all the birds you've mentioned this winter, except for pied wagtails. Since I moved to this flat, my interest in birdwatching grew. It's really therapeutic.

    Thank Kella,
    Ooh I hope you didn't get hurt.

    Hi Rose,
    Thanks for your comment :) I hope your enjoying yourself.

  10. Hi MC, what a horrible start to the gardening year for you and your fellow plot holders. So senseless.
    We've had a bit of vandalism over the years (hence the gates and padlock now) but nothing on that scale. Chin up, love Nic x

  11. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love your photos, so beautiful and peaceful. That's the one good thing about snow!

  12. That is awful about the fire. Some people are just so ugly. Ugh.

    I love the pictures. They are beautiful.

    We have a family of finches living in our airplane plant on our porch. Normally I would bring the plant in due to the freezing weather we are having, but I did not want to disturb the family of birds and take away their home. They seem very happy in it and are protected from the inclimate weather. It is actually very sweet to watch them all fly out of the plant when the sun starts to shine.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Hi Nic and Thanks,
    It's not the first time this has happened. D and me learned a few years before we got our plot on this site, about 6 plots had been burned to the ground, the plotholders knew who that was and evicted the family. The huts that have been burned down this time belong to two of the long-term plot holders...

    Thank you for coming by Local Cook.
    Your right about the prettiness of the snow.

  14. Hi Mom of Two Vegan Boys.
    Thank you for coming by again, it is most appreciated.
    Yes, it is a shame about people. Human beings eh!
    I am curious to see what your airplane plant looks like, must be cosy if the finches have made it home!


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