Friday, 15 January 2010

Allotment Scrabble

This time last year I was flicking though numerous seed catalogues, going through my seed packets and planning my crop rotation. I have done nothing of the sort yet and am starting to feel a tad guilty. The good thing about this year, in comparison to the last is that I have plenty of seeds left over from last year, plus I still have winter vegetables growing at the plot such as Jerusalem artichokes, sprouts, cabbages, kale, chard, beetroot, parsnips, maybe some PSB and white broccoli. Yet because of the unusual cold snap I cannot harvest or dig up any of these, instead I have been buying some out of season vegetables.

I’ve been to the allotment once this year and it was a swift visit which was a shame really. The truth is this darn’ cold and snowy weather is a hindrance. I am also getting too comfortable in my homely warm surroundings. Plus I am lacking the ‘get up and go’ motivation. I am hoping February will kick start my growing plans. For now, my weekends seem to consist of staying indoors: some cooking, a little bit of baking, watching DVDs, reading various blogs, as well as those of fellow veg growers showcasing their seed orders and sowing seeds, making me feel even more guilty. Ah I’m turning into one of those potatoes I grow…
Oh and I’ve been playing some scrabble too. Yes, deep down the allotment and growing are still on my mind. Mmm am I allowed to have lima?


  1. Sure can, I say. AND you should get more credit since it runs into Bean.

    Glue all of that down and frame it. I love scrabble pictures! We have a friend who makes them for all of us about our families. They're awesome keepsakes.

  2. I heard you were having usually cold weather in the UK. Are your winter veggies fairing ok in it?

    I think lima be is connected to the word bean afterall ;)

  3. You had fun putting that photo together, didn't you? It's a good one :)

  4. Love the vegetable scrabble! I haven't done my seed orders yet either - it's deep winter here and nothing left in the garden - but I have the catalogs out and I'm admiring them!

  5. Talking of seed catalogues, could you recommend any good ones for herb seeds? This year I want to grow a good selection of herbs. But don't know where the best place to get the seeds from are.

  6. I hear you load and clear, like you I have more than enough seeds to see me through the next growing season, so to ensure I don't crack under pressure I have been recycling all seed catalogues without even opening/ looking at them.

    I still have to buy my seed potatoes for chitting and will do so at the end of the month. My local Homebase I checked yesterday have a fresh stock of seed potatoes and in the quanties I need at pretty reasonable prices, along with garlic which I swore I would plant last autumn and didn't get round to it. I bought some though and if I get the chance I'll be planting them Sunday and then its back to hibernation :)

    They also have onion and shallots so I'll pick up onion sets up when I get the seed potatoes.

    I'm not worried at all about my seemily unconcerned nature for the garden/ plot as I know as soon as I see my first snowdrop, etc I'll be itching to get growing :)

  7. I have been a slacker as well. We have had unseasonably cold weather, so my two little guys and I have been playing hermit indoors. I need to get my arse in gear and start prepping the ground for our Spring garden. Hope you have a lovely day. And Scrabble is fun. :)

  8. Thanks Ribbit.
    Its a fab idea, but I don't think my husband would appreciate it if I glued the letters down and framed it, as this portable/magnetic scrabble game is one we use on our travels. I admit I like the idea of them being keepsakes though.

    Thanks Rose.
    The last I saw, my winter veg were not looking good at all, kinda saggy, but I am hoping they will perk up. I am hoping to go over the plot tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to smile.

    Thanks Jacqueline. You know me too well :D

    Thanks for your comment Kate.

    Hi James,
    There are loads of seed catalogues out there, and you may have a preference. In the last three years I have been ordering mine from
    A little more expensive as 'organic', but saying that not all their seeds are organic (but I grow organically).
    I also buy some of my seeds from this local garden centre.
    I hope this information helps.

  9. Thank YOU Kella.
    I feel much better now.
    I am sure I will still want to buy some more seeds, esp those veg that didn't grow well.

    I too have to buy my seed potatoes. onions and shallots. I didn't get round to planting my garlic this Autumn either.

    We wait patiently for the first sighting of snowdrops and then we know for sure spring has sprung, and that will motivate us to start growing again :)

    Hi Mom of Two Vegan Boys.
    Thank you for sharing, you know how to make me feel better. Its a shame about the weather, esp when it restricts little ones from playing out and about.

    I am sure once the weather warms up, you little ones can play out and you can get the ground ready :D Its just a matter of time.

  10. I love Scrabble, I play it online too sometimes. I have put my seed potato order in and I bought most of my other seeds from Wyevale when they were selling them off for 50p per packet at the end of last year, so I don't really have much to buy now. I need to sort out my crop rotation though. You've been to your allotment more than I have this year, I haven't been able to get there because of all the snow, however, it's been raining today which has washed most of the snow away so hopefully I'll get down there soon.

  11. Fingers crossed for some relief in that bad weather so you can get made outdoors! Hope the allotment does ok and everything springs back after the snow & frost.

  12. My husband plays Scrabble a lot online. Who knows maybe you've competed with each other :D

    It good that you got some seeds at the end of the year, as they can be pretty expensive 'high time'.

    The weather has been a hindrance for sure. Hopefully you'll get down this weekend, the snow here has melted away, so I am planning a visit today.

    Hi PeasePudding.
    Thanks. Most of the snow has melted away, so I will be off to the allotment today for sure, even if it is briefly.

  13. There's plenty of time yet - the weather has been atrocious. I've not been up to the veg patch since Xmas day when I spent ages trying to find the parsnips under all the snow - it's amazing how you think you know where things are until you lose all the visual clues you're used to. Oh - and the carrots where frozen in.
    Good luck with the planning and congrats on lima!

  14. Thank you Speaking Goat.
    Ah I'm sorry about your carrots, but you were fortunte to locate and harvest your parsnips, I went over Christmas eve and was lucky just to get some sprouts, the parsnips were missing from our plate this year as they were frozen in the ground.

    I managed to get over the plot today, it is not looking good at all, but more about that later in the week.


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