Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Chilli, Carrot and Coriander Pâté

The weather has been gloriously warm, in fact quite hot that even those of us who like to be found cooking in the 'kitchen at parties', usually quite content to stand over a bubbling hot pot, are now finding stirring its contents beginning to look less and less appealing when we could be sitting out in the garden, absorbing the sunshine and sipping something cool; biting into something easy, light and yet flavour packed.  

A change from cooking up a homely grub is taking the easy option like eating out in a restaurant or ordering a take-away, but we rarely, and i mean rarely eat out and ordering a take-away even less so, unless its a pizza.  So the next option for us is to have a mezze, an antipasti sort of meal, with lots of light salad like dishes, good bread and dips and spreads that people can help themselves too.  You get my drift, so that is what was on our table a few days back.  
I had picked up some lovely bread from a bakery: Sun-dried Tomatoes and Black Olives; and another made with three seeds.  Instead of making the Carrot Hummus that I made early in the month, I opted to make some spreadable Chilli Specked Carrot Pâté .  It is a little soft at the start, but it does firm up in the fridge. 
PS I must advise not to try Carrot Pâté with tortilla chips as featured here, the  Carrot Pâté is much better with good crusty bread, flat breads or even rice cakes.  Next watch out for my Beetroot Pate; or even my Beetroot Hummus, follow this link to one I 've made in the past!
You can make this Carrot Pâté in you blender, but I made it in my new Optimum 9400 Blender.  I've mentioned before that I do have a blender from a  well known designer brand, and often make dips such as Hummus, but it does not offer the smooth bit- free consistency that I got from the Optimum 9400 Blender.  I did not even have to cook the carrots here.    

Chilli, Carrot and Coriander Pâté 
Makes a good bowl full for sharing
1 x 400g tinned chickpeas, drained and rinsed
A couple of large carrot, peeled and sliced ( Optional:  lightly blanched)  
Small handful of fresh coriander leaves
2 tablespoons good olive oil  (or more if too dry)
Pinch of chilli flakes or chilli powder to taste
Salt and pepper to taste
Start of slow and blitz all the ingredient in a blender, then increase speed.  Stop, taste and tweak seasoning before blitzing to a smooth  Pâté like consistency.  Scrape into ramekins or an attractive plate and serve chilled or at room temperature.


  1. I made some 'salsa style' dip a few days ago and will make my own ever on, it was so tasty.
    I used a tin of chopped tomatoes in their own juice,1 fat clove of garlic crushed,small onion chopped finely, about a 2" piece of home-grown cucumber peeled,chopped small, 2 pickled gherkins chopped small, a good pinch of smoked ground paprika, a small pinch of chilli powder.
    I put all the ingredients into a deep bowl and used the stick blender to make a fine salsa dip. I then toasted lightly some home-made wholemeal bread to dip into it. The amount left over I used the next day as a marinade for a pork chop, which I roasted in the oven and the rest of the marinade, made a thick sauce with more onion in, mushrooms and garlic.
    Low cost meals and did 2 meals! Could work on a veggie burger of course!

    1. Sounds lovely, I make salsa at home too, similar to yours, but in pace of gherkins I use jalapeno from a jar including some of its vinegar juices. Tasty. Def. low cost and better, I agree would work on a veg burger. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks delicious, Shaheen.
    I would love to try this with Pappad, in addition to other/flat breads.
    Peace :)

  3. Oh wow great minds think alike... I shared a mezze recipe yesterday too! I'm so pleased that you share the love of mezzes. They're perfect for eating al fresco and for sharing with friends/family aren't they?
    I love the sound of your pate! I'm always on the lookout for new dishes to add to our platters, and this one sounds perfect ♥

    1. Thank you Sharon. Yes :0 ) so true. I do love mezzes style food, and yes fab sharing food.

  4. We love meals like this, we have bits of salad, hummus, bread and oatcakes and sometimes falafel. Cooper call it picnic dinner. You are certainly putting that blender through it's paces Shaheen :)

    1. Thanks Jac.
      Love Coopers name mezze style meals - picnic dinner.


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