Monday, 29 August 2011

Edinburgh Botanic Garden Jungle City

We had planned to see a little more of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, but with it winding down we changed our minds and headed to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh - the other bonus was with it being Sunday car parking was free, this made it cheaper for us than taking the train there and back to the West coast.
I've been to the Edinburgh Botanics a couple of times namely related to one of my previous employment roles working in the built heritage and natural environment - a job I really loved.  I also got the opportunity to host an event at the Botanics, but today was purely for pleasure.  The Garden was hosting Jungle City.  Jungle City is a charitable event of major  conservation impact, with the aim to raise funds for these endangered animals and their jungle homes.
Jungle City Edinburgh features a host of life-sized animals ranging from Elephants, Orangutans, Crocodiles, Hornbills and Tigers. 
There were over 130 individual and brightly painted animals.  Here are some that attracted our attention.  Click on them, to see them in a little more detail. 

Gothic Hornbill

Psychedelic Tiger

Homely Orangutan

BBC Scotland featured Jungle City Edinburgh on the news a little while ago, if your interested to see more follow here. Please note that the Jungle City exhibition is not permanent and is due to move elsewhere at some point.
You know I was very impresseed with the variety of leaflets at the Garden,  I picked up three that interested me allotment by Jules Horne - a show I know I would have enjoyed watching, but sadly it now has ended; Can You Dig It? Comedy Songs About Growing Your Own by Jo Stephenson & Dan Woods - made the veg grower in me smile! I may just have to get myself a copy when funds permit; and finally Edible Gardening Project.  Shame, there appears to be nothing like this happening at the Glasgow Botanics as I know I would have enjoyed all of these immensely.


  1. A FABULOUS post and I thoroughly enjoyed my trip thanks for your photos!

  2. Very cool animals! I would love to visit this place myself.

  3. The painted animal figures are very unique and nicely done.

  4. Oh thank you so much for sharing your trip. I really enjoy looking at it. So colourful!

  5. WOW! Those animals are marvelous! Magnificient!

    I've never been to the Edinburgh botanic garden, but my husband did a few years ago, and he keeps telling us about how he loved it. He is still amazed by the palm trees at that latitude!

  6. Wow! What fantastic photos of the animals. I am very envious, shame Edinburgh is so far away.

  7. That looks fun, it's years since I've been to the Botanics at either Edinburgh or Glasgow.

  8. Thanks Karen.
    Yeah its not bad for a virtual trip :)

    Thanks Lela.

    Thanks Autumn Belle.

    Thank you Malay-Kadazan girl.
    I'm so pleased you enjoyed the colourful pictures!

  9. Thanks spécialiste de l'éphémère.
    Its good to read that your husband has been there, because he can share with you his experiences. We didn't go into the Glasshouse as there was charge and we are watching our pennies, so I didn't get to see the palm trees this time.

    Thanks Jane,
    Iwill let my husband know as he took the majority of the pictures, in fact he took all those featured here. You comment made me sigh, Edinburgh will soon be far away for me too, so will Glasgow.

    Thanks Janice.
    I have to say as much as I like wanderign the Botanics, whether it be Edinburgh or Glasgow - this year it was very autumnal.

  10. Ciaooo! :)
    Thank u so much for your visit...i couldn't believe it... your blog is one of my favourite i follow it regularly... i have os many recipe sof yours i want to try!!!... and i will! ;)
    Thanks again :)

  11. Thank you so much Terry,
    for such a lovely compliment/comment - it is most appreciated and very kind of you.

  12. I love your animal photos - I specially like the furry green leopard/big cat thing! Looks like you had fun! :)


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