Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Busy making flavoured Apple jelly (jam)

At the weekend I found myself making Apple jelly in various flavours with the best of the windfall apples.
Apple and cinnamon jelly
and Apple and chilli jelly, but I will share the recipes with you later in the week.
Right now, I'd like to share some photographs from the weekend. D and me decided to go out for a slow walk through Glasgow Botanic Gardens in the West end.
We were rather fortunate as the rain stayed off, permitting us to absorb and appreciated the glorious colours of Autumn.
as well as some surprising sights.


  1. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. You and D do have some lovely weekends. I am looking forward to the apply jelly recipes. I am very glad the wind left you with enough to have windfalls in the end.

  2. Thank you so much Kath.
    They are not the prettiest to look at, but in a jar completely transformed.

  3. Thanks Vic.
    The colours are amazing - like a burning bush!

  4. Your apple jelly looks so clear! Beautiful.

  5. Thank you cityhappyfarmgirl.
    The apple and cinnamon ones are clear, but the apple and chilli, not so - lots of air bubbles, due to pouring very quickly. This won't affect the taste though :p

  6. Holy hell they look delicious!

  7. What a mervellous colors, jelly and environment.
    SO lovely:)

  8. Oooh! You have a recipe for kohlrabi fritters. These look great. Love your blog and am now following.

  9. Flavoured apple jelly! I've never had that, it sounds divine. Lovely autumn colours in your photos, we are getting warm here in Australia, am quite envious of you.

  10. The jellies look fabby, I'm looking forward to the recipes. That chilli looks like mighty hot!

  11. Wow! Apple jelly. Is there anything you can't do? Those jars are beautiful. What wonderful Christmas gifts they would make with a nut bread or biscuits.
    I love the photos. What a lovely walk it was.

  12. Apple and cinnamon for me please :-)

  13. Thank you Torviewtoronto.

    Thank you so much Sarah.

    Thank you Emma.
    I discovered flavoured apple jelly a few years ago. So glad I could have a go at making my own. I'm envious of you, its been cold in Scotland even when it was the summer. The Autumn is passing by to winter very quickly, too soon for my liking.

    Thanks Dim Sum Gardener.
    I'll be posting the recipe for the apple an cinnamon today, maybe even the chilli one. Yes it might be a little spicy!

    Thank you so much farmlady.
    I can't sing : (
    There are many cooking concoctions in the kitchen I have yet to try. I am learning as I go along and so far my succcess rate has been very good! I am no Masterchef though.

    Your right those jars would make wonderful Christmas gifts - perfect with a nut bread - now that is a excellent suggestion. Thank you.

    Thanks Alessandra.

  14. Those different apple Jellies look great & what grand pictures of the nature too!

    I just posted my twist on your recipe & I also tagged you with 10 questions on my blog!! Come over & check them out!

  15. Thank you so much Sophie.
    I will certainly come by :) and Thanks for tagging me, I often shy away from tags - but I thought this time I might as well share a little more about me. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

  16. oh wow..this looks very lovely. i cant wait to the recipe.

  17. you're so good at getting that floaty herby effect. I'm still failing miserably, except with my mint jelly so perhaps the balsamic vinegar I add to darken it does something?

  18. Nic,
    Its a bit of hit and miss. Turning the jar every 20 minutes in the first two ours of making helps :)

    Blamsamic vinegar to mint jelly - interesting.

  19. Thank you Blackbookkitchendiaries.
    Just blogged the apple and cinnamon jelly recipe.

  20. wow those jelly's look beautiful, I bet they taste fab too!

  21. Thank you Scented Sweetpeas.
    I had what they call a cooks treat - a little taste, but not the final product yet as it had to set. I may open a jar next week :)

  22. Hi mangocheeks :) thanks for stopping by my blog! This apple jam looks beautiful!! What do you have it with? Just toast? The gardens look beautiful too.
    Heidi xo

  23. Thank you for repaying the compliment Heidi.
    The apple jam is versatile. As well as toast, you can spread it on waffles, pancakes, croissants, scones, in between cakes...

  24. GORGEOUS pictures! Apple cinnamon jelly sounds amazing!

  25. Beautiful photos and your jellies look wonderful!

  26. Fantastic photos, this is my favourite time of the year - well apart from the earlier dark night - but I do love the changing colours of the trees that you have captured so well.
    The jellies look good too :)
    Off up to Edinburgh next week so have been looking through your blog at some of your previous posts - really helpful, thanks

  27. Thank you Jane.
    I must forewarn you the weather in Scotland is dreadful at the moment. So I hope when you come up, the rain stays off at least.


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