Friday, 12 November 2010

Good memories left behind

Last month, my dear father-in-law passed away. I will miss him. I will also remember him with love, fondness and great affection.

The last time I saw my father-in-laws smile was when we were in Cyprus for our holidays. I’ve already posted photographs from our visit to Kato Pathos, Cyprus.
such as eating spanakopittas, olive and tahini pies.
sticky orange fingers, geckos and flight of the eagle.
sights, sounds and smells
vegetarian eating out in Cyprus
drinking glykos
as well as my father-in-laws Cypriot red wine and Greek ouzo. I will fondly blame him for my sloe berry pursuit in order to make his friends sloe gin. In fact he also innocently introduced me to a new alcoholic drink combination 'ouzo with cranberry', which of course I enjoyed very much.
I don't recall sharing photographs from our long weekend in Northern Cyprus, part of the world my father-in-law really wanted D and me to see. So please allow me to walk down memory lane, this was perhaps my most memorable of times overseas, Thanks to my late father-in-law and mother-in-law for some wonderful memories that I will never forget.
Crossing the Cypriot Border into Turkish controlled Northern Cypriot territory.

Beautiful Bellapai a small village about 4 miles from Kyrenia. This is Bellapai Abbey.

Some souvenirs I was eyeing up, but decided not to get due to the weight.

I remember my father-in-law having lahmucan, a Turkish pizza served with spicy minced lamb, whilst we had freshly made sigara boregi (a flaky pastry filled with cheese and spinach).
In Salamis about 6 miles from Famagusta.
The theatre in Salamis.

My father-in-law is in the distance, but forever in our hearts and lives. I will remember him always and with the greatest of respect.