Saturday, 27 November 2010


Woke up and looked outside of the window and saw the streets and roads paved with snow....BBrrrrrr....

I would have been quite content staying in the warms of our four walls, but no my husband says lets go out for a walk in the park. The park in question was Kelvingrove Park.
It took us past my old University - Glasgow.
On the other side of the University is Kelvingrove Museum.
Still red berries
Snowy twigs
straddles of the River Kelvin
I don't recall seeing this abstract wooden stick figure before, but to be honest in my student days I had other distractions than the colours of the park. I could not quite figure what the stick figure represented, on first glance I thought it was a Scottish piper,
but upon scraping the snow away, the words 'The Psalmist' were revealed. The Psalmist is a well-defined figure in the Bible. Its by the artist Benno Schotz.
Onwards and upwards, next came the monument of Joseph Lister, a pioneer of antiseptic surgery.
then Lord Kelvin himself.
Although I had my walking boots on, the tippy of my toes were feeling a bit nippy, I wish I had put on thicker socks. So refuge was sought inside the Kelvingrove Museum. I've featured my adventures at the Kelvingrove museum before. If you have not read about it, then please follow this link. Today, we just looked at the new exhibitions.
This eye installations was one of them. Pretty cool I think. The eye followed you as you moved. If you look close, you will see D in this one.
Then me and D together.
Then just me - all smiles. Can you see me wrapped up all snuggly and warm?!
We also wandered again through the Real Glasgow Stories section: How Glasgow inspires and infuriates people. The good - positive contributions of migrant communities and the not so good, such as Sectarianism: religious intolerance between Catholic and Protestant communities.
Then selected work by The Glasgow Boys. These were my favourite exhibits.


  1. great photos, snow hasn't arrived in Kent yet! Amanda x

  2. Aww, thanks for the trip down memory lane. Steve and I went to Glasgow Uni too and that is where we met. We went to the Kelvingrove Museum for our first date in 1996 and many many times after that. We wandered around the Kelvingrove Park the evening we got engaged in 2001. Love it there so much!
    Your pictures are beautiful.

  3. The snow looks wonderful and ur trip as well. I spent few months at kelvingrove. It's cooler here as well but not any close to what it's like there hehehe

  4. Hi Mango cheeks
    we too have plenty of the white stuff and like you I was tempted to stay in doors but the dogs decided otherwise! The eye installation sounds like fun!
    Love the pics

  5. So lovely to see GLasgow covered in snow. I used to work at Glasgow Uni and it brought back memories!

  6. lovely pics - wish it was this snowy when I was in Edinburgh last year but then when I read about your toes freezing I realise that it would have made our trip harder - I remember the snow on our previous trip being so cold that we had to nip into a shop and buy extra socks

  7. You (and D) photographed great winter scenes...such a blue sky! and wonderful sculptures. Yes, I saw you both in the eye...))

  8. I love the photos, especially the one of the berries, I'm insanely jealous of you people who live in snowy cities!

    I gave you an award too, if you're interested, check out my blog for more details :)

  9. You take amazing photographs. You always do have the artist's eye got photos but some of these are extra well done. Thank you for sharing.

  10. You had a really interesting day, great to have such a beautiful park and museum nearby.

  11. What a beautiful walk you took, it reminds me of Robert Frost's poem. Thank you for taking me along! Have a great day!

  12. Thanks Amanda of eight by six.
    If I was living in Kent, I woudl be wishing the snow held back until around Christmas. Its fun when you are child, but when having to trek to work in it is not fun x

    Thanks Lou of Please Do Not Feed The Animals.
    Delgihted to read that this little trip took you down memory lane. So interesting to read that you went to Glasgow Uni too. I started a year after you. I wondered if our paths ever crossed :) I can see the romance of having your first date at Kelvingrove Museum; and the park too.

    Thank you MoOn.
    I Know you spend time in Edinburgh, so it is no surprise to learn that you spent time aroudn the Kelvingrove too. I think I would prefer your cooler weather.

    Hi Jane aka Chicken lover.
    Yes, the dogs - we will get a doggie oneday from a Dogs home and yes s/he will be wanting their walks come sun, rain or snow!

    Thank you Funkbunny.
    That is so interesting to read that you used to work at Glasgow Uni. I wonder if our paths crossed. Can I ask in which area of academia. If its one I dipped my nose in I shall let you know!

  13. Thanks Johanna GGG.
    As most people, I loved playing in the snow when i was a child, but as I get older and have to trench throguh it to get into work, snow does not excite me as much anymore. PLus the cold toots and fingertips. I prefer to look at it from my windows, likie right now, the snow is drifting down as I speak.
    I think it is especially hard for those who are Mama's and Papa's, esp. if you do not have your own transport to get to places too. Sounds terrible, but i am not romanticizing he snow much this year (partly I think I am goign through a bad time in my life re: work too), so everthing aroudn me looks a little grim. I am trying to remain optimistic though. Kind wishes.

    Thank you so much Gardeningbren.
    I have to admit, this time all these photographs were taken by D and I think they are all great. He is getting better and better. PS I know cheeky me, its not the best photographs to feature us closely, and our facial characteristics, but i thought it would amuse :)

    Thank you Emma.
    The red berries one is my favourite too. Please don't be jealous of those of us who live in snowy cities. HOnestly, its fun the first year, the second, but as the years go on - the novelty wears off and the reality of trudging though snow to get to work becomes rather a rather depressing thought than heart-warming.

    Thank you so much for thinking of me for the Versatility Award. I don't often participate in Awards, it is a decision I made when I first began blogging. But I will respect your wishes and write 7 things about me though :)

    Thank you RuckusButt for your lovely comment.
    Although D and me share the taking of photographs for the blog, I must confess all these were taken by my Husband, D. He is certainly getting better with outdoor scenery.

  14. Thank you so much Damo.
    We are lucky to be located where we are, and lucky to have a car/good transport links to explore some of these places.

    Thank you so much Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes. For such a lovely comment that reminded you of a poem :) Now that is a lovely compliment.

  15. I love winter days like this, cold but sunny. Very grey over here in Paris at the moment. Will you be doing any posts for Vegetarian Christmas meal ideas? I have one coming for Christmas Day lunch and can't get my imagination in gear!

  16. Hi there Gawgus Things.
    I was in Paris around May/June last year for my belated Honeymoon and it was miserably grey when we were there, sorry to hear its not so bright today either.

    Yes, I will be doing some posts for a Veggie Christmas. So please do come by again. Kind wishes. I will have to keep in mind ingredients you can get in France though. Can you get vegetarian suet there?

  17. Looks like you had a wonderful day. I wish it would snow over here. I love visiting museums. I wish I could check out that exhibit.

  18. Thanks Jacklyn,
    The snow was exciting to me when I was a child, or looking at it from the comfort of your home, but nowadays, having to trudge to work in it, I'm not so excited about it anymore :(


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