Thursday, 11 November 2010

Armistice Day - Commonwealth contribution

Britain could not have won either of the World Wars without the contribution made by non-white and non-British soldiers. On this Remembrance day, please remember the forgotten soldiers and Women too, such as Noor Inyat Khan aka Nora Baker, an Indian Muslim princess who worked as a radio operator with the French Resistance.

Save a prayer for those who died,
those who remember,
those that will never forget.

For further information follow this link from the Hope Not Hate campaign.


  1. I walk past that monument every day on my way to work. It always makes me pause a little, even with the iPod blaring in the ears.

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I have been devouring yours quite greedily for most of today, it's wonderful! And everything is veggie! SCORE! Keep up the great work, you now have a loyal reader :) x

  2. Thank you so much for your kind and lovely words Philippa.
    I must admit I saw the monument for the first time last year when playing tourist in London. It certainly left an impression on me too.
    And thank you, so so much for becoming a follower. I am truly always humbled when someone decides to support my blog and become a reader or follower, it encouraging and heart warming. Thank you.

  3. .. and for those who survived, didn't want to remember what they'd seen and died years later without letting us know just what they'd done for us.

  4. Thank you Nic.
    How can I forget those who survived and died years later. Thank you for reminding me.

  5. I saw that memorial for the first time last year. Do you know anything more about it?
    Did you catch the BBC documentary earlier this week about the contribution of Sikhs in the wars?
    Nora Baker seems very interesting. Going to read more about here.
    And your poster Nic is so very right...there must be so many silent heroes that we don't every hear about.

  6. Thank you Plummy Mummy.
    I don't know much about it except that it serves as a tribute and reminder.
    I've watched a doc. on Sikh, Muslim and Hindu contributions before, not the one this week. But i'll see if I can get it on BBC iplayer.
    I have given poster of Noor Inyat Khan many years ago. These days its displayed in my works office as a permanent reminder of hidden contributions. And yes, Nic is compeletely right, please do go by her blog - she has payed tribute to her Great GranPa who fought in the 1WW.

  7. MC, I almost missed this post today. I really appreciated the link to Noor Inyat Khan, a woman I had not heard of previously. It is sometimes true that women are not honored as they should be and your post was timely as well as educational.

    The monument you posted is beautiful,..thank you.

  8. Thank you GardeningBren.
    I should really have put this entry at the top and the jelly to follow.
    The monument left a mark on me, I knew i had to share it with my felow readers. Thank you.

  9. Very well said, it is very important that we remember those who fought for our freedom.


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