Sunday, 14 November 2010

Apple, ginger and honey chutney

This little Missy has been busy in the kitchen.

Not only have I been making more preserves, I also made some versatile Spinach and lentil soup and lavender bread, but I will share that with you later in the week. Today its another recipe for the jam jars. Whilst peering into my kitchen cupboard, I noted that I had not one, but two jars of stem ginger in syrup. I wondered why on earth would I have two? Then I recalled I was going to make my mother some Rhubarb and Ginger jam. I remember giving my mother a jar from the allotments open day last year and she really loved the flavour. So I wanted to make her some with my own produce, but of course I no longer have my allotment plot and access to rhubarb that was often being given away by fellow plot-holders. The rhubarb I had growing in my own garden plot withered away early this year due to my own neglect. So after that, making this jam for my mother went completely out of my mind. Saying all this, I was still staring at two full jars of stem ginger in syrup and wondering what to do with them?!
Then I remembered fellow blogger little black fox telling me that she was going to be making either a jam or a chutney with honey and ginger, this prompted me to request her recipe and she was happy to oblige. The recipe is very slightly adapted as I used a whole jar of runny honey and a whole jar of stem ginger in syrup. What was good about this was I was also able to recycle these 2 jars immediately, once sterilized they were re-filled with this very chutney.

This recipe makes a whopping 10 jars. I think I will have to book a space at the local farmers market to off load some of these jars - just kidding - many of these jars will be gifted to unsuspecting family and friends. The flavour of this chutney is unlike the others I've made, it tastes more like a jam - wonderfully sweet, but not too sweet. The ginger hit surprises you when you bite into it, whereas the honey is subtle lurking in the background. The raisins and sultanas give the chutney some depth (or body) as Little Black Fox describes it. Thank you Little Black Fox for being kind to share this recipe with me.
Apple, honey & ginger chutney
Makes about 10 x 245ml jars
2kg apples, peeled, cored & chopped
200g sultanas and raisins
350g stem ginger in syrup, chopped
200g dark or light brown sugar
320g jar of runny honey
600ml cider vinegar (I used white wine vinegar)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp allspice
Little Black Fox instructions were to 'Throw it all in a pan, bring to the boil (inc. liquid from the stem ginger), simmer until thick etc.' I did as she instructed and it was all fine. It took about 45 minutes to reach the chutney consistency. Leave to mature for a couple of months before enjoying.

Please do take time to visit the Little Black Fox blog. Little Black Fox has some very innovative seasonal recipes such as pumpkin dumpling, pumpkin kebabs and some unusual ones such as beetballs (made from beetroot). She also writes with a keen sense of humour.


  1. What a beautiful chutney! I will sure give it a try! It looks flavourful!
    I'm so glad I am going back to U.K. this week! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you for the link to a brilliant blog! At home cooped up in the rain - aka idling on the net reading blogs!

    I've rhubarb in the freezer - hmm I might dig it out :) and make a couple of lovely xmas pressies

  3. Thank you spécialiste de l'éphémère.
    I know you made the Caramel Apple butter with success, so hopefully this one will be just as enjoyable.

    Pack your suitcase with warm clothing as it is getting rather nippy in the U.K.

    You are so, so welcome. It is a brilliant blog and one that I was fortunate to stumble upon about a year ago.

    Sorry to ready your home cooped. If it makes you feel better so am i :) Lucky you to have some homegrown rhubarb in the freezer.

  4. i love those jars - can you reuse the lids then? do you waterboil with those or no?

    i'm headed to the UK on 11/25, 4 days in scotland (train from heathrow to aviemore) and 8 days in england (by the sea in kent). can't wait!! (plus i have cute black boots!)

  5. Looks great and I'm definitely checking out those pumpkin kebabs from Black Box. I'm sorry about your father-in-law's passing. I just saw your Cyprus pics - really lovely photos.

  6. I'm glad you liked my Sweetcorn Tart recipe - hopefully we can do an exchange - I'm going to try your Apple, Honey & Ginger Chutney. The recipe looks perfect for this season. Many thanks.

  7. What a wonderful blog you have here! You know, I love all kinds of chutneys but have never made any. I should remedy that. So, I'm wondering, and forgive me because I live across the pond, is an "allotment plot" like a piece of a community garden?

  8. This is the first of your recipes I haven't really fancied as I am not a fan of ginger. But I am really getting keen on the idea of making my first attempt at making my own. Now I was thinking that if I make some and it is any good at all, I will probably give a couple of jars to my Dad for his Christmas. Can you tell me how long they keep in their jars? I suspect it would be a pretty long time so I'm guessing I could start thinking about doing it now and it would be fine for Christmas and Dad would still have several months to get through them. Also, can you tell me how you sterilise your jars please. And do I need to put wax paper on top before sealing or anything like that? You are my chutney guru! Sorry to be a pest.
    Thanks, Lou.

  9. Hi There!
    Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. I love chutney there are so many various recipes. This one sounds really different, ginger and honey I like that combination. I'm thrilled to have found your blog. It's filled with such creativity. The lavender scones I know I'll try out that recipe as well. I will visit with you often.

  10. I am always impressed by how much you cook and how much you post about.

  11. wow this sounds intense but good - if you had a stall at my local farmers market - I would be making quite a few purchases I am sure!

  12. Aww, you're so kind! Thank you for the lovely comments about my blog, it really made my day. I don't know how you found it amongst the billion other blogs out there, but I'm very glad you did!

    I'm glad to hear that the chutney worked out so well for you! I think it is probably the closest I get to making jam (which is usually far too sweet for my tastes). I'm sure it will be very appreciated by those lucky family & friends who recieve a jar of it!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the lavender bread too!

    Much love, dear friend

  13. Thanks EcoGrrl.
    Yes, you can re-use the lids, as long as they are not rusted and sterilized well. *See how I sterilise my jars below.

    I've never been to Aviemore ever. So you have a good time when your in the U.K. I hppe those boots are wellies! Bring some thick clothing and a raincoat too. It rains a lot here :)

    Thanks Anna A.
    Please do go by Little Black Fox blog. You will not be disappointed.

    Thanks BeadBag.
    I'm happy with the exchange of recipes and i am sure Little Black Fox won't mind either. I think I am going to make it when my mother-in-law comes up. she is hard to cook for, but i know she eats sweetcorn.

    Thank you so much moi.
    An "allotment plot" is like a piece of a community garden, but they can be local government owned or private lands that are rented out to people to grow veg for a fee of around £30-£60 depending on location. Sadly, I lost mine in a fire early this year.

  14. Hi Lou.
    That is completely okay. We all have cookbooks and there are bound to be recipes that don't appeal for whatever reason, and food blogging is the same. Shame though, as Gingerbread cake and gingerbread pancakes already featured on this blog are Dee-licious!

    You go for it and make your own batch of chutney or jam. Now to answer your many questions, my response below is rather long - Your gonna wish you had not asked now.

    I’m pretty new to wonderful world of chutney and jam making. This year is the first time I’ve made so many jars as those apples were just falling and wanting cooking. Last year I only meddled with plum and tomato chutney of which I still have a number of jars.

    I have used both new and old recycled jars (with screw tops). Some people have dishwashers and tend to sterilize their jars that way before putting into a hot oven, but I’ve picked up this method I read in a cookbook. Sorry I can't remember which one, but it works very well for me. See below

    Preheat the oven to its lowest setting. To sterilise the jars and lids, clean well in hot water and upturn the jars on a baking sheet. Put in the oven for 15 minutes or so before removing. This will kill of any bacteria lurking. Then I put in the chutney, jam etc. I’ve been doing this for 3 years now without any bacterial problems. Preserved like this jams and chutney will last for up to 1 year, but I know of some people who have them for up to 3 years. In fact I know of someone who is still eating chutney they’ve made in 2005. Once opened though, these must be refrigerated and consumed within a month or so. Oh I don't use wax paper, never have. A good book to flick though would be the Women’s Institute Book of Preserves, they know there stuff and would be able to give you expert advice unlike me as like you I am still learning. So in short, Yes your chutney will be great and it will be fine for your Papa to enjoy over the coming year. Hope that helps Lou.

  15. Thank you so much Rosemary for coming by.
    so hope you enjoy the lavender scones, please do come by and let me know how you found them if you get round to making them. I hope to hear from you again.

    Thanks Kath.
    I think if you took a photograph and blogged about everything you cooked, I think we would be on par. I've just ade blogging part of my daily routine.

    Thank you Johanna.
    I think its my favourite chutney by far. PS if you came by my stall at my local farmers market I'd happily give you one on the agreement that you blogged about it on your wonderful space, so the sales would go rocket high :)

  16. littleblackfox.
    You know the pleasure has been all mine.
    I think more people should be aware of your little blog space, share your sense of humour and your creative recipes. I don't know how I found your blog, but am so, so glad I did and other fellow readers should come by too.

    I was just commenting to another reader, I think this is my favourite chutney by far and I am not normally a sweet chutney person myself, but this is warming me. Warm wishes to you x

  17. Thanks so much for your answers Mangocheeks. I am making plans to get started. You are one inspiring lady!

  18. You are absolutely welcome Lou.


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