Friday, 1 July 2011

Broad Bean and Black Peppermint Flan

The last few weeks, I've been creating a lot of tart and flan based meals, and here I go again and present you with another savoury one.
This flan is studded with fresh broad beans and some black peppermint which came from the gardenBlack peppermint is exactly what is says it is - its mint that smells like black pepper.  But unlike the traditional green mint, the leaves of this one are thicker and dark, almost velvet purple in colour.  On cooking, the black peppermint didn't impart that much flavour .  I think to appreciate it more for both scent and flavour, it would benefit being part of a salad rather than a cooked dish like this;. 
Still we enjoyed a slice of this tart earlier.  We have more than half left over, which we will be taking with us tomorrow as we will be travelling down South again.  To be honest, I want to go and see my mother-in-law and my family again, as well as see the progress on my Dads allotment but at the same time there are so many things here that we have to do for our move down - I guess they will just have to wait until we come back.
I am submitting this recipe to Cinzia of Cindy Star for this week’s Weekend Herb Blogging (WHB) #290. WHB is overseen by Haalo from Cook Almost Anything.
Broad Bean and Black Peppermint Flan
For the shortcrust pastry to line a 8 - 9 inch round tin
Serves 4 - 6
225g plain flour
½ teaspoon salt
125g butter
3 tablespoons water
Add flour and salt to a bowl. Add the butter then rub it into the flour with your fingertips, lifting the mixture out of the bowl to incorporate as much air as possible as this will make the pastry light. Continue until the mixture looks like fine breadcrumbs, then add the water a little at a time and use your fingertips to press the mixture together and form a dough. Put the dough on a lightly floured surface and knead rolling out the dough into a round. Blind bake in a hot oven at gas mark 6 for 20 minutes.
Ingredients for the filling
200g broad beans, shelled
1 tablespoon Black peppermint or regular mint, minced
Spring onions, sliced
250g cottage cheese
1 egg, beaten
Salt and pepper to taste
Blanch the broad beans for a couple of minutes. Then mix the broad beans with the cottage cheese, mint, spring onions, seasoning and the beaten egg. Spread the mixture in the flan case and bake in the oven at gas mark 5 for 30 – 35 minutes. Serve cold or at room temperature.


  1. Mmm, I just LOVE all the flan + tart recipes!!

  2. Another gorgeous looking idea... thanks dear and have a great weekend!

  3. You already have broad beans?!?!?!?!
    what a shame for my little garden! I will have to wait until september to cook mine! Lucky you ;-)

  4. Mmm, mint and beans...a combination I haven't considered. I'm going to have to give that try. :-)

  5. I love savory tarts and this one is delicious!

  6. Thank you Jess.

    Thanks Food Glorious Food.

    Hi spécialiste de l'éphémère,
    Sadly these broad beans are not homegrown, but the black peppermint herb is :)
    You'll be lucky when you have yours in September.

  7. Thank you Fay.
    Its not that different from mint and peas. I hope you enjoy :)

    Thank you Cooking Foodie.

  8. what a great and unusual to me combo! :-)
    thanks for participating and I do apologize again for the little incovenient, now everything has been fixed up correctly! :-)
    have a nice week and enjoy the recap:

  9. Thank you Cinzia.
    These things happen. Thank you for hosting and fo adding my post.

  10. Got lots of broad beans this year do will give this recipe a try,
    Enjoy your weekend with your family and hope the allotment is progressing

  11. Thank you Jane.
    I am hoping to get back to gorwing my own nxt year. I went to the allotment briefly, but dididn't say long as it rained and there is no shelter there. So hardly any work was done in my limited time there. This will undoubtedly change when I move down and settled into temp rented accom.

  12. Great recipe I love beans I like orchards and pick vegetables, my cooking is traditional food in Chile and creations mine, hugs and good week for you.


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