Friday, 29 July 2011

Borage and Bees

One of the first edible flowers we grew in the garden plot was borage, little did we know that it would self seed and come up blooming blue every year.  And without failure, here they are again growing amongst the potatoes.
The bees love it though, and I now and again get to pretty up a salad plate with the edible flowers and the baby leaves, which taste like cucumber.


  1. Of course it's also a traditional garnish for the archetypical English Summer drink - Pimms No.1 !

  2. I always let one or two grow on, and the bees do love them. Isn't it just a pity that the flowers face downwards!!!

  3. Lovely photos. I have self-seeded borage in the garden too. I love how it attracts the bees and the flowers are so pretty in salads and on cakes.

  4. I've grown borage for the first time this year and it's so pretty- your photos are great. Do you have a favourite way of using them in cooking?

  5. I never heard of borage. I've never had any edible flowers either. Something I'll have to try. The photos are lovely!

  6. Wonderful photos :) I've not actually heard of borage, but it looks rather attractive for a self-growing plant.

  7. I've bought some borage seeds but not got round to sowing them yet. Sounds as if I won't need to sow a second time.

  8. I didn't know you could eat I know what to do with all those self seeded borages we have all over the garden!

  9. Great captures of the bees! I only just learned of borage this year and have had it a few times since... I love it, especially in a jug of pimms. :-)

  10. Mark,
    I don't think I've ever had Pimms, let alone with borage flowers!

    I'm letting themgorw on, but as I'm digging out the potatoes, those that get pulled go to the brown bin - not the compost bin!.
    Your right, it is a pity that the flowers face downwards, still the bees don't seem to mind.

  11. Thank you Funkbunny.
    Its certainly worth having a couple of these plants int he garden for the reasons you've shared :)

    I will passs on your ocmpliemnts to my husband he is the main photographer. I actually don't have a favourite way of using them in cooking. I've only ever used them to garnish salads, cakes and even cubes of ice for cordial drinks.
    No recipes as such.

  12. Fran,
    Do you like peppery flavours. Then You must try and grow nasturtiums, they are super -and great in salads - a bit like the borage they too are self seeding, so once you have them, you pretty much have them for life. They grow well in pots.

    I'll pass you compliments to my husband the main photographer for the compliment re the photos :)

  13. Hello Captain Shagrat,
    Lovely to hear from you :)
    You certainly won't. My mother had sown them too, she'll either love them or hate them once they start growing. I can't wait to see which.

    You can also freeze them in cubes of ice for cold drinks - great for the summer.

    Boarge and Pimms seem to be the thing to do, I'll have to try it oneday :-)

  14. Hi Shaheen
    I set Borage in my Dad's garden when I was in my teens and he never forgave me, he he.


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