Thursday, 6 May 2010

Wigwam of sorts and some green things

Okay, I admit its been a while since I written about progress in my garden plot, containers and pots. So here's a little up-date.
On Monday morning, taking advantage of the public holiday and the dry skies. We did some work in the garden. D built me a couple of pea wigwam with sticks we picked up on our travels around the Scottish countryside. I was erring whether to put the peas in the ground as its hardly that warm, but took the decision to do so. We are due to visit family soon, so while we are away some of these growing seedlings and plants will just have to fend for themselves. So the sooner I get them into the ground, the sooner they will be able to stand up for themselves in the Scottish changeable weather.
My baby carrots in a container pot have emerged. Hopefully this container is high enough for the horrid carrot fly to just pass on by.
On the left is my garlic planted in two long containers. They seem to be doing okay so far. The cluster of starry white flowers is from the wild garlic plant I lifted and transplanted in my garden border about a fortnight ago. It seems to have taken okay. I think being located near the water feature is helping, it is the damp part of the garden. If I am still living here next year, I may get to enjoy some of my own home-grown wild garlic, but if not - I have an idea where to go to pick some for free. And finally, the tight crimson buds of the chives that I had neatly lined in the border are starting to peek through. I look forward to seeing their lilac heads soon, as well as eating.
Above image is a picture of my wild alpine strawberries that I carefully lifted from my mothers garden in Wales and transplanted in pots. These tiny strawberries can only be described as little bullets of flavour. I am so looking forward to eating them when pottering about in the garden. I am not sure what variety the strawberries below are, as I had inherited these when I had an allotment. What I do remember though is that they are fat, red and juicy. Everything you would want in a good strawberry.
This is the 3 by 3 plot with a variety of lettuces, salads and radishes. I also put in a Gold Rush courgette plant bought from a garden centre. You can see it on the bottom left. It is beginning to flower, but it is not happy there. I think part of the reason is drainage. This weekend, I will transfer it to the other plot where the ground is established.
We've enjoyed eating some of our own home grown lollo rosso this week. Looking forward to these little ones bulking up. Home grown salad leaves taste so much superior than supermarket vacuum packed ones. The sleepy herbs such as the mint, including this particular one called black pepper mint is finally starting to come through. When I had my allotment one of the herb plants that I really cherished was a lemon verbena. It took me so long to find one. When I finally acquired my own lemon verbena, shamefully I had neglected it, leaving it out in the cold. I thought it was gone and was ready to put it in the compost bin, then miraculously it came back to life. I was ever so delighted and ensured I took care of it, giving it special treatment and attention, moreso than any of the other herbs. Then sadly I lost it with many other things in the allotment fire. Anyway, the point of all this, fortunately this weekend I found another lemon verbena. I will do my best to safeguard it. The scent is so enchanting.
On the window sills inside the flat I have a number of trays with seedlings. This is beetroot.
This is strawberry spinach.
And Swiss chard in its many different colours. I also have 4 chilli plants and 2 Golden Queen tomato plants growing well. In fact one of the tomato plants is actually starting to flower. Even though we may not harvest the same amounts of tomato as we did last year, I am very happy in the knowledge that I will still get the opportunity to taste some of our own.
Happy Growing my fellow readers. I do hope you get the growing bug and enjoy it as much as I do.


  1. I really enjoy seeing what you've got growing. My mouth is watering for your red lettuce;)
    I am so glad you found another lemon verbena! Hope it grows well for you.

  2. Your vegetable garden is really coming on a treat and you have such a wonderful variety - a harvest to look forward to

  3. your seedlings are further on than mine. Well done :-)

    My beetroot indoors was getting rather leggy, so I it out last week. I think I may have killed it. On a better note, I've got some direct planted beetroot poking it's way through.

    I've only just ordered my seed potatoes - so those will be very late indeed this year.

    I'm hoping to get my indoor seedlings out this weekend now I've pegged down loads of weed mat for under the beans and courgettes. Saves a ton of work later !

  4. the garlic looks like it is growing really well!

  5. Your garden and containers are well underway it seems. Everything looks really healthy and doing well. And, congratulations on the success in setting the wild garlic...I hope you get to enjoy some whenever it will be ready. Happy Growing to you too!

  6. Wow wee you have been a busy girl! Fanstic photos there and what great crops you will have :-)

  7. Things are looking ever so good in your little plot, my seeds are not germinating oh the horror at this rate I'll have buy plants in and cripes I have no money for that.

  8. Your photography is so amazing! I love all of the pictures! I so wish that I had all of those things growing at my place!!!!

  9. Happy growing indeed - I can't believe how amazing all your veggies are doing. Will be a month or two before mine get there.

    I was just reading about alpine strawberries recently and how they are hands above the regular type in terms of flavour. I hope you get an abundant harvest. I have some shoots from my neighbours yard popping up all over mine at the moment...not sure if I should let them grow or not.

    I agree with you about lemon verbena - one of my favourite scents - I love it in bath products/creams - it's heavenly.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  10. Thank you so much Janet. Your kind words mean a lot to me.
    The red lollo rosso is slowly being enjoyed. I would be happy to have shared some with you. I have no doubt it is the one thing that will be growing well in my garden.
    Yes, I am extremely pleased I found another lemon vebena. I am sure it will reward me well, I better love it back too.

    Thank you so much Lottie.
    I am starting to feel the excitement. Harvested my first lot of lettuce, looking forward to the next veg!

    Thank you so much Sarah-Jane.
    Some of my seeds did not germinate, like my parsnip and others rotted like broad beans and runner beans. So I will have to attempt them again, but I am not growing loads, so I am not that worried.
    My beetroot like yours is also a little leggy. I am hoping to get it in the ground this weekend. At least you had a back up plan, sowing some direct in the ground. So you will have some.

    Eek you are behind your potato planting, but I have no doubt being down south, yours may still be harvested before mine. Let us see.

    When I had the allotment plot, I also pegged the soil down, but not with weed mats. One of the allotment holders worked at safeways the supermarkets and you know those banners they have outside the shop to advertise deals. Well he would bring them to the allotment and use them as weed mats. I managed to get half a dozen from him. Quite effective. I agree with you it does save on a lot of work later, but you do find those slugs hiding underneath!

  11. Wow! Everything looks so great! It's so wonderful to see all those seedlings emerging, giving the promise of many harvests to come!
    We've just started planting seeds last week in our new plot, but I can't wait for my garden to be full of as much life as yours!

  12. Thank you Gastronomy Girl.
    It seems like it is doing well. I hope it produces bog cloves!

    Thank you Rose.
    I am quite pleased. The garden is beginning to look lively now. Don't congratulate me too early. the real test is next year, if any actually come up! but it is certainly a good sign that the flowers have opened up

    Thanks Scented Sweetpeas.
    Its a different kind of busy, which I have to admit I enjoy! The photography is shared with my husbands. So I will pass on the compliment. I am sure he will revel in it :-)

  13. Thank you Kella.
    I am sorry to ready about your seeds not germinating. If it makes you feel better, not all of mine have either. The parsnips have failed and only two broad beans and two scarlet runners have germinated. I have bought a few plants too. I know it is much more enjoyable to do it yourself, but there is Nothing wrong if its set the way!

    Oh Morgan.
    Thank you so - so much. I don't know if I have told you, but I share the photography with my husband, so I will pass on your compliment. He will be chuffed! I encourage you to try and grow a little in pots or even on your window sill - a little tomato plants perhaps!

  14. Thank you Christine.
    The flavour of alpine strawberries is seriously amazing. I won't get an abundance, but what I do, I will thoroughly enjoy. The wild strawbery plant is quite rampant. I would personally let it grow, but it is completely up to you.

    I am so pleased to learn that you like lemon verbena too. Ace!

    I hope the waiting to plant your plants out doesn't feel too far away!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Thank you Fred and Welcome back!
    I totally agree it is wonderful to see those seedlings emerging and the promise of many harvests to come. Thank you that is so warming to read.

    I don't know if you know, as it has been a while since you blogged, but I lost my allotment plot in a fire and am now having to grow things in my tiny garden plot and pots. C'est la vie.

    I have no doubt your garden to be full of as much life as yours!

  16. So nice to be able to grown your own veggies. I am on a waiting list for 3 years for a community garden plot here in pretty San Francisco. Can't wait for that day to come. You have a cool blog, will return!

  17. Thank you for your comment Mike.
    It truly is a pleasure to grow your own.
    I used to have an allotment plot. No more :(
    If I decided to put my name on the list again, it will tak eme years too, so I understand where you are coming from and understand the frustrations of the waiting game. I hope the day is not too far away now for you when you can begin a larger scale too.

  18. Wow you seem to have a lot of things growing in your cute little space! It looks lovely :)
    Your garlics are looking good, almost the same as mine - I hope they do well!

  19. Thank you for the warm welcome back :-) I am so sorry about you losing your allotment, that is terribly unfortunate and sad news, but am incredibly glad you continue to garden in the space you can and post more of those delicious recipes!
    I will have to garden twice as hard in your honor now that I finally have some space!

  20. Thank you Sooz.
    I'm pleased to read our garlic is at a similar stage. We must compare notes when we harvest them!

    Thank you so much Fred.
    Apologies, I just read over my comment above and some of it just doesn't make sense, but your read through it. Thanks.

    I will be certainly reading about your joys of growing, and the things that don't go well as well. Enjoy!

  21. Everything looks so good & is growing well!

    I am also growing swiis chard, 2 tomato plants, yellow paprika plants, salad leaves, garlic scapes,...a lot, fresh mint, lemon thyme, sage, rosemary, spinach,etc!

  22. Everything looks like its coming along really well! Ive been meaning to buy a strawberry plant, nothing better than home grown strawberries.


  23. Thank you Sophie.
    Yellow paprika plants sound lovely. Thank you for sharing and I hope they all grow well for you, esp the tomato plants.

    Thanks Rose.
    You must pick up a couple of strawberry plants!


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