Saturday, 8 May 2010

Saturday Matinée: At the Botanical Gardens

A natural red carpet.

Welcome and Enjoy


  1. Wow, love the petal strew path!

  2. fantastic shots, good camera and skills too !

  3. so beautiful! makes me want to plant things!!!

  4. Beautiful! Where is this botanical garden exactly?

  5. Kateri,
    I think its my favourite too. That is why I put it on first.

    Thank you KL Vegetale Garden.
    Amateur photographers - what can I say.

    Thank you Darlene.
    I would never be able to plant any of these beautities. I would need an extremely big greenhouse :D

    Thank you Alessandra.
    This is the Glasgow Botanic Gardens. It is known internationally for its impressive glass houses and extensive tropical and temperate plant collections from around the world.

    The one in Edinburgh is just as lovely. I went there about three years ago and enjoyed it.

  6. Matron

    great pics, I need a garden visit fix as not been to one for at least a few weeks, the Botanical gardens at Birmingham are worth a visit if you are ever south of the border with a fantastic arboretum too.

  7. Wonderful flowers and wonderful colours - do love those dark tulips.

  8. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for your comment and the recommendations in B'ham.

    I love the dark tulips too - they actually reminded me of chocolate. I think I called the photograph 'dark chocolate tulips!'.
    I must mention these photographs were all taken by my husband.

  9. I went to the botanic gardens yesterday for mothers day and it was packed out, so many picnics happening.


  10. I'm so jealous! It should be blooming here too but it's snowing in May!

  11. Some Chilean Woman
    These flowers were mostly indoors - so please don't be jealous :D Your pretty flowers will bloom too.


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