Friday, 24 September 2010

Ginger Plum crumble

I just loved the colour of these plums. They reminded me of the kind of deep purple I was happy and more daring to wear on my lips in my younger years. Pretending to look all sultry and moody. I don't wear the colour on my lips these days, but I do on my fingernails and sometimes in the clothing I wear.

However these plums were not for admiring. I'd eaten some au naturale at work for lunch, but there were still many more, going soft at the touch. Not for long though....
Upon cooking the minced ginger infused the plums and the plums themselves became soft, sharp and syrupy releasing all its juices. The oaty crumbly topping was as delightful and chewy.
Ginger Plum Crumble
Serves 6
600g -700g plums, stones removed and sliced
2 pieces of stem ginger, minced
50g caster sugar
For the crumble topping
150g plain four
100g chilled, diced butter
75g, caster sugar
50g rolled oats
Preheat the oven to gas mark 6. Place the plums in a 2 pint ovenproof dish and scatter over the ginger and sugar.
Rub the butter into the flour until it resembles unevenly sized breadcrumbs. Stir through the sugar and oats and scatter over the plums, do not be tempted to press it down. Bake for 30 - 35 minutes until the plums are soft and the crumble is golden brown. Serve warm with cream or custard. Adapted from Ainsley Harriott's Gourmet Express 2.


  1. Pure comfort food, a delight for the eyes and the mouth. Think that's a keeper too MC.

    Heh..are those damson plums?

  2. Hi there Bren.
    Yes, crumble is def. comfort food.

    I honestly don't know if they are damson plums - sorrry. They were quite big.

  3. How delicious! I actually have a big weakness for any berry/apple crumble or crisps. I have a vegan recipe that actually tastes epic, and there's no butter! I can email it to you if you want. (Just saw your sauteed kale with rice link on the side, that looks sweet!)

    Have a nice day,

    Amy :)

  4. Mango, you have me seriously craving plums right now! In my tummy - not on my fingernails or clothing. A few drips on my lips for non-fashion-related purposes might be a lovely thing :)

    Thanks for stopping by place. Glad I could bring up a good memory with that windmill in Golden Gate Park. Sounds like your trip to SF was grand and that you shared it with a very special friend. I will definitely be posting more photos from my California trip this weekend. Enjoy yours, my friend.


  5. That sounds great! Are those the date plumbs? They look like it.

  6. A sweet little plum crumble, I wish I had one of these for dessert tonight, just lovely:)

  7. I love deep purple lipstick - I had a purple lipstick I used to enjoy wearing but it wasn't quite such a deep colour - the crumble sounds delicious - I must try to remember it when plum season comes around

  8. Hi there,

    Thanx for the visit to my blog and for the lovely comment..

    The plum crumble looks so temtping and delish dear..


  9. Hi, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog and for entering the giveaway. I am so glad you popped by as I have now found you too and of course will be following....the aromas from your kitchen! Your blog is fantastic and has inspired me so much to plan with a different angle in my garden for spring! Gardening is new to me but you make it look so exciting!
    Have a great weekend
    Deb x

  10. Love the idea of adding ginger, looks delicious! I will have to try this while plums are still in season.

  11. Yum! I love ginger! In fact going to make some ginger and honey tea to keep warm and healthy!

  12. I love crumbles with oaty topping!

  13. Must try this.I love anything with Ginger added.
    I have never been daring enough to wear deep purple lipstick.

  14. Thank you so much Amy.
    Yes please, I would love for you to e mail me your vegan crumble recipe. I have a load of apples and know that crumble will be on the menu again.

    Thank you so much Lovely Chilean Woman.

    Ooh sorry Eggy,
    But I'm pleased its made your lips and tummy crave for plums :)

    I'm really looking forward to reading and seeing more of you SF adventures and I am sure some will remind me of good times). Your blogger friend too!

    Thanks Carissa.
    I honestly don't know what kind of plums they are, but date plums sound good to me.

    Thank you so, so much Patty.
    I'd be so happy to share with you :D

    Ah Johanna GGG.
    So nice to learn that deep purple lipstick presses your buttons too :D
    The ginger is interesting in the plum crumble, some people will like it, other may not.

    Thank you for coming by Dr Sameena. I'm so pleased to read you like the crumble.0

    Oh Deb of Fondant Kiss - Thank you so much for such a lovely welcome.
    I am so delighted to read that you like my blog, Thank you for the lovely compliment.

    Thank you so much Laura.
    Please do try it, I really liked it with the ginger. Its not at all dominating.

    Thank you so much Vegetarian Girl.
    I liked drinking ginger and honey tea too, especially when the weather starts turning nippy and my throat is feeling croaky!

    Thank you so much Ann.
    The oaty topping was really good, it made it chewy!

  15. Thank you Neuron.
    The ginger is rather good.
    I have to admit on wearing deep-dark shades most of my life. I'm a person of colour, so have worn colours that compliment my skin tone. Have you worn pink shade lipsticks? I have to admit I have never been daring enough to wear pink lipstick - the colour just would not suit my skin tone. Everyone is different. Makes the world interesting I think.

  16. Love plum crumble - let's make the most of it while the plums are still available!
    The plums you have used look like a variety called 'President' - quite large (as you said) with a greenish tinge inside. Delicious to eat uncooked. They are definitely not damsons, which are smallish and rather sour so need lots of sugar - you cannot really eat them uncooked. The other variety that is regularly around in the Autumn is the Victoria (and sometimes other ones that are very similar and get called Victoria but strictly are not) - they are pinky-rose with a slight yellowish tinge, not easy to describe. Also delicious to eat. I have no idea what a date plum is - I have never seen them in the UK.
    Hope this helps your readers!
    'Meanderings through my Cookbook'

  17. Hopeeternalcookbook.
    Thank you so much for your contribution and comment which I have found extremely interesting. I know some of my readers will both appreciate the information too. Isn't it wonderful to learn that there are so many different varieties of one fruit: whether its a plum, a mango or an apple.

    PS I wish I had asked the market stall owner, what variety of plums they were?!

  18. You will just have to go back and ask then, won't you - and get some more while you are there ! ;) Glad my comment was helpful.

  19. Mmmmm, this looks so yummy! I love plums, and especially warm with a crumb topping...fantastic! :)

  20. Mmmmm, this looks so yummy! I love plums, and especially warm with a crumb topping...fantastic! :)

  21. To boot, your ginger plum crumble is on that snarky site today! What's the deal there? Time to file copyright for your site, dearie!


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