Monday, 6 September 2010

Some views of Auchmithie Harbour

We had arrived in Dundee a little early for the Dundee Flower and Food Festival, so decided to venture a little further North along the coastline. No not Aberdeen or Arbroath, but Auchmithie., once a thriving fishing village.
Those of you living in the U.K will have heard of the 'Arbroath Smokie', but did you know the Arbroath smokie originated in Auchmithie, a small fishing village, 3 miles north of Arbroath. Nowadays it is made in Arbroath by this company who were also present at the Dundee Festival.
Well we were not in Auchmithie for any smokies, but just to take in the views, breath the North Sea air and admire the landscape.

I thought this was Smokie oven, but later realised it was a water tank. Smokies were traditionally processed in half barrels sunk into the ground covered by sacking. I'm so naive, sometimes.


  1. Wow beautiful pictures! I love how everything is so old out there in Europe..something we're lacking here in the States. I hope to travel out that way one day.

  2. Thanks Jacklyn.
    Your comment made me smile. I take for granted the history and the old things about Europe.

  3. My Husband who is from Dundee found this really interesting.He loves Smokies.

  4. Thanks Neuron.
    My husband likes smokies too and he's not Scottish :D


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