Thursday, 9 September 2010

Is summer over...

I still have some signs of Summer - strawberries
and this Sunny sunflower
has opened to attract the bees.


  1. Noooooo I still have soooo much canning to do!!!!!!

  2. Purple beans! I've grown them for years, most people have never heard of them.
    I can almost smell those strawberries. :)

  3. Even though I am a huge fruit lover and live on it during the summer, I am so excited for Fall. Its my favorite time of year!

  4. Love these photos, summer is still here but only just :-(

  5. I have managed to get some beans, tomatoes and 2 courgettes out of the garden today but everything seems to be going over and there is that feel of Autumn in the air.......

  6. Little Messy Missy.
    There's autumnal canning too :D

    Thanks Kateri.
    This is my second year growing purple beans! The pole variety did not do so well this year, but the dwarf variety have come good. Shame though that they change colour on cooking :(

    Morgan, I have to secretly admit that I like Autumn too and the truth is in Scotland we have not had a good summer at all. So its hardly goodbye really.

    Thanks Alessandra!

    Thank you Scented Sweetpeas .
    Your right, summer is still here but only just.

    Chicken lover.
    Your so lucky to have some courgettes, I harvested about six early this week all the size of my fingers, the plant is ready to be composted. Yes, Autumn is certainly in the air...

  7. Wow, can't believe you still have strawberries!! My garden is looking very autumnal, but I still have a few tomatoes and peppers holding on!

  8. Sooz,
    I'm actually stunned too. But these are growing pot, and I only mananged to harvest 2 or was it 3 at the height of Summer.

    Envy your tomatoes and peppers. Enjoy.


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