Thursday, 30 September 2010

A review of sorts

I don’t often do reviews namely because I am quite up-front with my opinion and don’t want to fib by being coaxed with financial rewards, I see enough of that hypocrisy on TV with certain chefs promoting products and brands, that you know they don’t believe in. However, when I saw volunteers were being sought to review these cookies and the allure was free cookies. I admit I was tempted. I know how terrible of me to be tempted by some cookies – I’m easy that way, or am I greedy?!. Well, some of you will be rather surprised to learn that I am actually a poor biscuit and cookie baker. There has always been something wrong with my biscuits and cookies, and for me a cookie or a biscuit should have some bite and chew.

Off the topic a little, I was quite curious about two things about Byron Bay Cookie Company. First the cookies, although very popular in the U.K, cookies are not very British are they?!. However they are exceptionally good with a cup of tea, a mug of coffee and even milk; and secondly the name of the company, made me question whether these cookies were imported. In which case, I would think twice before purchasing them for personal consumption, as I do my utmost to buy and eat biscuits and cookies that primarily source some the ingredients from the U.K. A gander on the website confirmed that these cookies were originally being made by hand at a bakehouse in Byron Bay, Australia. They are now being baked in the UK: some of the ingredients are local such as free range eggs, others of course have to be imported, like chocolate and nuts. The whole range has been approved by the Vegetarian Society and the gluten-free range is approved by the Coeliac Society.

Another thing I noted and all this before even tasting one was the fact that the cookies are individually wrapped. Part of me likes this, I mean how many times have you opened a packets of cookies or biscuits and only managed to eat/share half the packet, later you discover the rest have all gone stale; but part of me what unhappy – the packaging did not appear to be recyclable.

The cookies themselves in size are rather substantial. In fact they reminded me of my schools shortbread, even Empire biscuits still found in some local bakeries. To the foodie in me the flavours on offering sounded rather appealing such as Reduced fat Fig and Pecan. On tasting, I have to admit I could not taste the pecan nuts but the figgy flavours and its seeds came through rather strong. I also liked the sound of the sticky date and ginger with walnut. It was everything it said on the packet ‘moist chewy cookie spiced with dates, walnuts and ginger’. The gingery flavour lingered in my mouth for awhile and it was not so crumbly or soft as the others. It would be the one I choose if given the choice. I found texture of the other cookies just too soft for my liking. As mentioned earlier, I like my cookies to have some bite. There were a couple of gluten free cookies that I found very crumbly too. I found the White chocolate and macadamia nut just too sweet for me. There is also ‘Dotty’ with smarties, these don’t appeal to me at all, but may appeal to other big and small kids. The question now is would I pick one of these up if at a cafe that sold them? Honestly - for those of you who have got to know me through my blog, will know that I am more of a muffin girl. So a muffin will always come first.

This review is based on my honest opinion of the cookies and the whole packaging.