Saturday, 4 September 2010

Dundee Flower and Food Festival 2010

We were on the east coast today, in the land famed for jute, jam and journalism
Yes I was in Dundee city for this years Flower and Food Festival set in the grounds of Camperdown Country Park. The Dundee Flower and Food Festival has become a popular event and offers the best in Scottish food, horticulture and live entertainment. The weekend includes free cookery demonstrations, not only from Scottish and local chefs, but also celebrity chefs, this year it happened to be the Hairy Bikers. As well cookery demonstrations, there were gardening demonstrations, children’s activities and a craft fair.

Here are some sights that caught my attention, especially in the Vegetable marquee where the National Vegetable Society celebrating its 50th Anniversary showcased some of the very best in vegetable growing!
This was my favourite. Hopefully You can see why. Not because it fits the title of my blog so neatly, I also love the way the cookery book page is open.
It even won first prize.

As a Welsh girl, I am so impressed with these Scottish leeks. Overseas readers please note Scottish leeks are not normally this size. These are grown for competition.
Just like these onions.
So huge.
The longest Parsnip there.
A selection of potatoes.
Also wandered around in the flower and vegetable growing marquee where I got some free seeds from the BBC Dig In campaign. I have to admit I had a pretty good day and I enjoyed this show as much as I did the Gardening Scotland early summer.
Amongst the scarecrows being sold, I saw these horrid things. I have to admit I don't like these out-dated dolls at all, but some people still buy them, hence the reason they are sadly still around.


  1. Those leeks are amazing!!! i also don't care for the scarecrows.

  2. wow, those parsnips are so long! I love festivals like this.

  3. Wow that looks like so much fun! Those leeks are amazing! Were you able to purchase veggies as well there, or was it all for show?

  4. I've never seen leeks that big! They look like small trees! No trick photography or photoshopping going on here? :)

    Love the blog keep up the great work!

  5. Wow! That's so cool. I love the color wheel of the second display: :)

    The parsnips, though... I don't even understand how you get one to grow that long. XD

    Thanks for sharing; this is really neat!

  6. Thanks Little Messy Missy.

    Thanks Rose.
    I really enjoyed looking at these vegetable, not that I would ever attempt to grow them so big.

    Sadly, none of these were for sale, just grown for competition and show casing.

    Hello WestChesterGarden.
    It is so lovely to hear from you.
    Thank you so much for the words of encouragement.
    Congratulations on the getting married.
    HONESTLY, hand on my little hear. These are real! No trick photography or photoshopping :)
    Growing vegetables this big, purely for competitive reasons (not for eating) is something some growers do big time. Its a popular past-time. I only grow them for eating.

    Thanks Mo.
    Yes, I agree the colour wheel of the second display is quite eye-catching :)

    I know those parsnips are really long, I think they are grown in draining pipes.

  7. Dundee! This sounds like poetry for me!
    I was there a few years ago...Very happy "souvenir".

  8. Thank you spécialiste de l'éphémère.
    So glad to read this post brought back some good memories for you.

  9. What parsnips! I am glad you mentioned the drain pipe as I was beginning to wonder how you get it out of the ground. With my luck I would break the last 5-10 cm with my fork! I always manage to spear the biggest potato in every root on the end of my fork.

  10. Kath,
    The things these competitive veg growers do to ensure their veg is big and stays in tact. Yes, I've had many expereince of leaving half a parsnip behind too.

  11. Wow!!! Never seen a vegetable this big before!!! Thanks for sharing your photos! I wish i was there with you... here nothing happens...:( oh! i forgot the U2 concert!!!! That was huge also!!! many kisses!!!!!!

  12. Thanks Donkey and the carrot.
    Glad you liked. Yes they are HUGE!
    Good for you that you got to see U2.

  13. Whoa! I have never seen leeks that big in my whole life, Mango. What did they feed them?

  14. I knwo they are HUGE Barbara.
    I know they feed booze aka alcohol to pumpkins, but leeks - I have no idea. I don't think leeks this big can taste good, they all for show really.

  15. Amazing photos - sounds like a great day - wonder just how good this giant veg taste - in my experience the small ones often taste best

  16. Thanks Johanna.
    Will pass on the photo compliment to my husband.

    I agree I don't think the big leeks would taste of much, sometimes small is much better.


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