Monday, 28 December 2009

Cranberry Heart scones

I had the opportunity to make some more cranberry and white chocolate chip scones this morning. These I decided to make in the same vain as my lavender scones and used my heart shaped cookie cutter.
The only thing I did different with these was I studded some of the scones with the fresh cranberries cut in half and some white chocolate chips. By the way, I am not done with cranberries yet, I also have a 'cranberry and clementine loaf' in the oven (ooh the flat smells like a bakery), but I'll show slices of that to you later on in the week.
Now I know I wrote a little about my Christmas past, I hope I wasn't misleading anyone by suggesting that D and me don't give each other gifts on Christmas day, actually we do. We enjoy like the next person, giving and receiving, so below are a few things that my dear husband gave to me with a loving kiss.
Books that I have been eyeing for a while. Other than The Gourmet Gardener which is a growers book, the others are all cookbooks from reputable vegetarian eateries: Cornucopia in Dublin; Demuths in Bath and Terre à Terre in Brighton. I appreciate them all, but I am mostly excited by Terre à Terre as this book has so many inventive recipes including vegetarian marshmallows and each dish is presented beautifully. The recipes in this long anticipated cookbook also show that vegetarians and vegans are gourmands too, something that often gets overlooked.
As I have been making the most of my cookie cutters of late, D got me some more in fruit and vegetable shapes. They are so dainty.
And finally, contrary to all the sweet things that appear on my blog, I don't really have a 'sweet tooth'. I am more of a savoury kinda girl, so instead of getting me a box of chocolates this year, D decided to get me some vegan marshmallows made in England, U.K. I'll let you know how they taste when I open the package, which won't be that long as the expiry date is only next month.


  1. These scones are very cute. I actually bought a bag of white chocolate chips with the intention of making your cranberry white chocolate cupcakes, but at the moment these scones really catch my eye. Then again, my new muffin pan wants to go for a whirl. Perhaps I have enough cranberries and white chocolate for both :)

  2. hi mangocheeks, you had a good Christmas and are still inventing great recipes. I must confess apart from cooking dinner I have not done very much in the kitchen at all! I like the look of the hasslehock potatoes.

  3. Dear Mangocheeks,
    Thank you for stopping by over at Maggie's garden. Not much in gardening for the time...anxious for spring. I LOVE your blog! My daughter is vegan, and we love any hint of others who share their finds. Wish we had those vegan marshmallows here in the states. My daughter will not eat anything with gelatin in it. Hot cocoa just isn't the same without them. I will now take a leisurely afternoon and browse more of your site. I love the thrill of finding a blog site that actually has so many of my interests to share. Do hope you had a lovely holiday. The cook books were a very thoughtful and loving gift from the hubby...what a guy!
    with gratitude, maggie's garden

  4. cute hearts and lovely presents - you now have me interested in terre a terre cookbook - hope to hear more about it

  5. They are AMAZING! Love them.

  6. oh I love the fruit and vegetable cookie cutters!!!!

  7. i have some dried cranberries at home! thank you for a great tip! the recipe looks just lovely!
    wish you a very sweet day!

  8. These heart scones look and sounds so lovely and yummy! I love the combination of cranberry and white chocolate. Can't wait to see your cranberry&clementine loaf!

    Thanks for sharing all your lovely gifts from D, that was so sweet of him (and lucky you!!!).

    P.S. Thank you for letting me know that you'll participate in my giveaway, can't wait to see what you'll come up with:)

  9. I love the mini cookie cutters. When I bought my first tin of minis I did not think I would use them very much, but I use them all the handy to have.

    Your heart scones are adorable!

  10. I enjoyed reading about your childhood Christmas, then your young adulthood Christmas attitude, through to the present day. It's only the past few years we've been able to afford lots of presents so we've made the most of it and usually it's just me and Graham together on Christmas day, we enjoy it very much and always make it a special occasion.

    I loved all the Dunelm doorstops but the cat one was particularly cute wasn't it, I might go and see if they've got any of the others left.

  11. Did you grow the cranberries yourself? I have bought a plant, but not really sure whether to plant out now or wait for the spring?

  12. Wonderful blog you got here.. Its fascinating for me when you talk about growing your own veggies and then cooking them. Some day I will want to do that..:) Keep inspiring

  13. MMMMMMMMM,...these cranberry heart scones look divine!!

    MMMMMMMM,...just pure indulgence!!


  14. Thank you so, so much. Thirteen lovely comments, now I will try my utmost to respond to each one.

    Thank you Sarah. I am fuzzing all over that you bought a bag of white chocolate chips to try a recipe of mine. Oh my, I am so pleased. I like them both, so cannot tell you which one to make. If you do make the muffins, note that I also made it with S/R flour and replaced the baking powder with 1 teaspoon, they rose a bit more than my previous ones. And with the scones, the second time I made them was with a new packet of flour, so the scones consistency was a little dry, so I had to add more milk, so use your cooking instinct. Which ever one you decide on making, maybe even both - I do sincerey hope they turn out as well as mine and that you Enjoy them!

    Thanks Peggy.
    There are days that I don't want to cook, but there are days I do, I find it therapeutic. But between you and me, recently my kitchen has not been inviting, it is so, so cold (its on the upper floor and on the corner.

    Maggies Garden
    Thank you for coming by my blog too and your kind comments. I am honoured. I gree with the weather, there's not much gardening happening at my plot either. Although my blog is vegetarian, I do make a lot of vegan recipes, so hopefully you will find some cookign inspiration here. In relation to the 'vegan marshmallows'. Actually the USA was the the first place that came up with vegan marshmallows. I found this for you. They are called
    Sweet & Sara claim to be the original manufacturer of 100% gelatin-free, 100% vegetarian and vegan marshmallows and I believe them. I have checked out their site and they have so many vegan friendly options. Unlike the company where my husband got my 'vegan marshmallows', they are very new with only two options which are quite expensive. I will be comparing prices, or even better trying a hand at making my own, I came across this British vegan recipe and would like to share the link with you. If you have any problem accessing it, let me know.
    Fingers crossed that your daughter will be able to enjoy Hot cocoa once again.

    PS I know I am a lucky woman to have a lovely husband, who is also my best friend.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  15. Thank you Johanna,
    I am very excited by the book, but whether I can recreate some of those recipes, the way they do in the restaurant, is another story. But watch this space :D

    Thank you Mr P.

    Thank you Alessandra - now I need an excuse to use them!

    Thank you Justyna. Have a lovely day too!

    Thank you Oraphan,
    I am hoping to post the cranberry and clementine loaf tomorrow as I have not had the opportunity to download it from my camera yet, but I must tell you - it is even better than the scones and muffins!

    I have been thinking about your 50th give-away, so hope to come back with something 'Easy' that you and your reader will approve of.

    Funny you should say that, because when I looked at my mini cookie cutters, as much as I adore them - I thought 'mmmm will I actually use these?!

    Thank you. My attitude towards Christmas will probably change again, perhaps when I have my own children, but for now - little is more.
    If I had a stairwell like yours, I probably would have picked the other designs of the doorstops and left them on the steps. There was a Russian doll and a Teapot, but D only let me bring home the sleepy cat.

    Have a Happy New Year to you and Graham.

    Hello Sparkly and Welcome to my blog.
    Nah, unfortunately the cranberries are not home-grown, but I do intend to pick up a plant if i come across one. I would probably keep it in a large pot, next to my blueberries in the garden. My advice to you probably would be to wait till spring, but it might be worth researching this.

    PS I will be over to visit your in a little while.

    Thank you so much Nostalgia.
    I hope you can share this dream one-day.

    Thank you so, so much Sophie.

  16. Thanks Haymarket8,
    From that should I take it that you will be making vegan versions for your sweet- heart ...Just teasing :D


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