Saturday, 24 October 2009

Lavender Heart Scones

Well what did you expect, I had to follow my wedding anniversary day with something to do with Love, so it had to be hearts...

Its been a wet, wet day, just like my wedding day last year. So instead of going to the allotment, I decided to do some home-baking. I used the lavender that I had dried and put into a jar early on in the month.

When I opened the oven the gentle waft of the lavender was beautiful. These lavender scones do not rise like those you see in the bakeries. The flavour of the lavender is really subtle and comes through. I have already eaten a couple of these and am feeling the soporific effects, but a cup of black coffee should counteract that, as it's much too early to be going to sleep.

Lavender scones
Makes about 8 scones
160ml milk
1 tablespoon lavender flowers
250g plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
4 tablespoon caster sugar
50g cold butter, chopped
Gently warm the milk and lavender in a pan, bring to a simmer then turn off for flavours to infuse. Sift together flour, baking powder and sugar into a bowl. Add the butter and using your fingertips, rub together until crumbly. Strain the milk. Keep back a teaspoon of the infused lavender. Add milk to the flour and combine well. Turn out the dough onto a lightly floured surface and gently roll out about 2cm thick. Then evenly spread out the infused lavender and using your rolling pin gently push it into the dough.
Cut out with your chosen biscuit cutter (I used heart shaped ones). Gently press together the remaining dough and cut out further scones. Put the scones onto a baking tray that has been lightly scattered with plain flour. Bake in oven for 20 minutes until golden. Adapted from Adam Caplin and Celia Brooks Brown New Kitchen Garden.UPDATED February 2012: Made by French fellow blogger The Ephemeral Everyday.


  1. That's strange, I just left a comment for you on UKFBA about lavender having just looked at your blog. Then looked again and there was a brand new post about lavender. They look delicious.

  2. Thank you and Welcome to my blog Choclette.
    Yeah, it is strange.

    The lavender was really saved for winter days, but today it felt wintery, so some of it had to come out the jar for something cheery and sweet. Once again, Welcome and Thank you for your kind comments.

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    Wow those scones look very good. so pleased to have stopped by and visited your blog, there are lots of delicious recipes I must investigate further,

    RO :o)

  4. Rothschild Orchard,
    Welcome and Thank you so, so much for the lovely comments.

  5. Those are lovely, perfect for your special day!

  6. What a beautiful idea. They look very nice. Ive never eatern lavender before, does it really make you feel sleepy?


  7. Those look too pretty to eat! I was thinking of making Pumpkin scones. I just nade pumpkin biscotti! It was so yummy! I think i will make pumpkin scones in the shape of pumpkins. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Happy cooking

  8. Rose,
    The flavour of lavender is really subtle. No I was joking, it wasn't really making me that sleepy, just 'relaxed and calm'. One of lavenders therapeutic values kicking in.

    You have inspired me in return. I made some squash butter last night and was going to be making some sweet squash pancakes, but pumpkin scones in the shape of pumpkins, sounds even better. I want to make some too, so will probably make some when the lavender ones are all finished, maybe in time for Hallowe'en.

  9. Thank you very much for your nice comments!
    I know these two dolls are having a great time in Australia!
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    I would also like to wish you a happy anniversary!Congrats!
    I live in Kent.In which part of England do you live?

  10. Hello Papillon Bleu and Thank you for the warm wishes. I live in Scotland. Not a nice day today, it is raining quite heavy. So for me that means pottering around in the kitchen.

  11. I am having a hellish time getting any sleep at all just now, maybe I need to try these.

  12. Oh, those heart scones look lovely and yummy! They are just perfect for your anniversary, congratulations!

    I've never eaten lavender before, you've inspired me to give it a try, thanks:)

  13. Oh Jacqueline,
    Take a long bath with some lavender oil too.

    Thank you Oraphan,
    When you do cook with lavender, so easy on the quantity, as too much of it will taste medicinal and not too pleasant. Hope you like!

  14. Mmmm, triple yum! I love lavender flavoured treats

  15. I've made lavender biscotti and loved it. So, I have to try these scones!

  16. Thanks Pam.
    Lavender biscotti. I am intrigued.

  17. What a lovely thing to do! The scones look awesome.

  18. These are so lovely. I am going to bookmark this. I dried some lavender this year, and now, thanks to you, I have the perfect way to use them. Thanks for sharing the recipe.
    Oh, and Happy New Year daaaaahling!

  19. Thank you so much Heavenly Housewife.
    I am so pleased you like them. Just go careful on the lavender too much and they will just taste soapy.

    Happy New Year to you too.

  20. these look heavenly! :) if i ever get my hands on some lavender, i will definitely try this out asap! :)

  21. Thank you so much Yamini.
    I was rather pleased with them when I made them.


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