Friday, 2 October 2009

Couscous wedges with garlicky PSB

Our visits to the allotment have now reduced from daily to three times and sometimes twice a week. The tomatoes are certainly starting to dwindle. I picked what I think maybe the last of the climbing blue lake and purple queen french beans, but the neckar gold is still doing well. Some pruple top milan turnips peeking out from the soil were calling to me to pick them, so I did. I picked a bundle of sage, some mint and red marner cabbage.
I also picked some of the super early purple sprouting broccoli (PSB). So this was our supper earlier. I had some couscous wedges left over from yesterday, which I served with some garlicky PSB.

All I did was steam the PSB until al dente and then set it aside while I got on with the garlicky bit. In a large pan, I added 2 - 4 tbsp of olive oil, 2 large cloves of garlic, sliced and heat through until the olive oil has infused with the flavours of the garlic. Finally toss in the PSB until it was well coated.
The PSB was really lovely. PSB straight from the plot to the plate.


  1. What is the variety name of the ultra early PSB? My early PSB is ready in January. (Rudolph)

  2. Sounds very yummy indeed. I've been racking my brains on how to veganise the couscous wedges. It will make a nice change from my other couscous recipes.

  3. Lovely plate...fresh veggie are so flavorful and good for us...and appealing to the eye...!

  4. ooo is that the same as the other cous cous dish? sounds even better fried in garlicy goodness :)


  5. Hello there Matron,
    If you check out this entry on my blog it will give you some backgroudn as to why I have some Early PSB.

    The variety is Broccoli (Sprouting) Early Purple from Mr Fotehrgill's. SOW: Mar - May and HARVEST: Feb-May the following year.

    If you can give me further insight into why it is so, so early, it would be most appreciated.

    I do hope you come up with a lovely veganised version of the recipe.

    Thank you Annie.

    Hi Rose,
    Yes it's the same couscous dish, just cooked a day later. I think the olive oil was a little more hot, hence the lovely crust.

  6. I love how browned the couscous is!

  7. Me too Michele. Nice and crispy! Just like chips, well not really, but it was nice.


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