Saturday, 17 October 2009

Winding down

Spent a few good hours at the allotment.
The sun was out, so we thought we would make the most of it at the allotment, after all no promises are being made for sun-shining days in the coming weeks.
As well as plenty of winter vegetables growing, there is also a lot of colour on my plot, which makes me happy. The dwarf sunflowers have decided to come out and play.
The roses are red, red, red.
There were even some raspberries. I had dug some raspberry canes last year from plot 11 and planted them in the border of plot 45, here are some raspberries growing, not many - but enough for some muffins I think.
Here are some purple beans I decided to keep and dry for next year. I haven't had much luck drying climbing beans, as twice they have rotted. I have come to the conclusion that perhaps I have not left enough room around them to aerate, so this time I will ensure I do that.
The potato and legume bed we had started clearing last weekend, got its final thorough weeding and digging over before we covered it over with some black sheeting. I found it quite tough removing the bean vines around the make-shift bean frame, all tightly twisted.
This is the first time we have burned weeds on our plot, we have never had to do it before as we had plot 11 and had allocated a 'corner' just for weeds. It was interesting to watch D lighting the fire, it took awhile shall we say... He ain't no fire-starter.


  1. We have been doing much the same, tidying for next season.I have not had time to read blogs for the past couple of weeks so am catching up.lots of lovely recipes and I am definitely keeping some of my lavender to one side to see what culinary delights you come up with, I have never cooked with lavender before so I will be keeping an eye out for that.

  2. WOW, just checking out your blog!! What a fabulous garden you have~and excellent recipe ideas~! I will be keeping an eye on this :D Would love to achieve what you have on our block.

  3. Gorgeous photos! The purple beans look really interesting.


  4. there's something sad yet exciting and peaceful about this time of year when everything starts to die back. The colours are amazing though aren't they. And I marvel at how the raspberries keep coming through. My attempts at drying beans have been ending in rot too.
    We're not allowed bonfires on our plot so I'm hoping the tomato blight pile won't come back to haunt me next year...

  5. Hello Peggy,
    You have been a busy lady, celebrating your 60th Brithday. In the past I have only made lavender ice-cream which I must add was delicious, so I hope I meet your expectations when I cook with the lavender in the future. Ihave a few recipes in mind.

    Welcome to my blog Sarah,
    So nice to make your acquaintance and Thank you so much for the kind comments, they are Always appreciated.

    Thank you Rose.
    Yes, I hope the purple beans dry out for me to use next year, so that I won't have to buy any.

    You are so right Nic,
    These raspberries are on my plot 45, I am sure if I went over to Plot 11 there would be loads to pick, but that plot is no longer mine.

    I always find comfort when I read other fellow growers have encountered the same problem, so hopefully our drying beans won't rot this year.

    I am surprised that you are not allowed bonfires on your plot, especially this time of the year when people are clearing their plot for the coming year. Most places sometimes permit a communal one, so everyone can clear their weeds and dead wood. Perhaps someone should suggest this at your next committee meeting, I don't like the idea of the tomato (or potato) blight pile on the plot...

  6. You really make me want an allotment! We hoping to move house soon and there are some lovely allotments near by so I think we'll definately be checking those out once we're settled in.
    That sunflower is beautiful, it looks so happy!

  7. Hi Clare,
    Anyone who does not have the garden space at home, I would truly recommend to them to get an allotment. I really enjoy spending my time there, I find it soewhat therapeutic. Please don't get me wrong it is reallyhard work, but it is so wothwhile, when you harvest and eat your own fruit and vegetables.

    My one advice is put your name down on the allotment site where you are hoping to move, as you may have to wait years before you get allocated one.

  8. Thanks, thats all very good advice.
    We were thinking it would probably take quite a while to get an allotment and we thought that as we need to spend some time sorting out the house and back garden first, if we get our name down as soon as we definately know we're moving then by the time one is free we should be ready!
    Thanks for the tips! :)

  9. Oh, this is so inspiring! I really love how you started by saying "spent a few good hours at the allotment" and you showed that beautiful photo of you holding carrots in your hands and all the lovely photos of your flowers, fruit and vegetables!!! I'm so grateful that I've found your blog because I've abandoned my garden for such a long time. I KNOW in my heart that I LOVE gardening so much and I really want to "spend a few good hours" there! Thank you for such a great inspiration:)

  10. Hello Oraphan,
    Thank you so, so very much for your lovely comments about my blog. I am always pleased to hear from new readers and read their views.

    One of the reasons I set up this blog was to share what I plant and grow at the allotment, and in doing that to inspire other to do the same. If I have re-ignitied your interest in your garden, then I am truly honoured and feel that this blog is achieiving one of its aims.
    After growing your own, the next step is having the motivation to turn those veg and fruit into culinary delights...which I know you will be able to do without hesistation. Once again Thank you for your comments. They are most appreciated.

  11. How lucky to find raspberries!

  12. Michele,
    The autumn raspberries are still growing, though I will not be able to harvest as much on plot 45 this year, as I was when I had plot 11.


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