Sunday, 4 October 2009

Yellow and Red Tomato Chilli Jams

Yesterday, D cleared out the greenhouse which now mean's no more fresh home-grown tomatoes, except for what we have left sitting on the windowsill. Those that had gone a little too soft, I decided turn into some chilli jams. Chilli jam is something that i have wanted to make for years, prompted mainly by peoples raving reviews about the New Zealand chef Peter Gordon of the Sugar Club and his fusion recipes, but also his chilli jam which was a revelation to many. But instead of following a Peter Gordon recipe, I decided to follow this one (don't ask me why). The only thing I did different was to keep it vegetarian, so I decided to omit the nam pla, fish sauce. This omission should not affect the overall consistency, just the flavour.

According to the recipe, this quantity should fill 6 jars. What size were these jars mean't to be? as I barely managed to fill 2 x 1 lb/454g, and one of them is not even full to the top!
I thought perhaps it was because I had made the chilli jam recipe with my yellow golden sunrise tomatoes, and they would have been better with the red variety. So I decided to make another lot, this time using a mix of my red tomatoes.
Well I got about the same amount again, 2 x 454g jars and neither of these were filled to the top. Plus when I poured the chilli jam into the jars, they were not completely the jammy consistency they should be. Maybe they will thicken up in a month or so, I shall wait and see, but i have decided not to use this recipe again in the future.

Perhaps you have had better luck with this recipe and can let me know where I may have gone wrong.


  1. I'd never heard of chilli jam until this weekend when I went to the Farmers Market in town and sampled some on a chutney stand. It was the texture of a jelly and bright red (I think from peppers rather than tomatoes). No advice to offer on the making of but it sure was nice - see how you've converted me to chillis :o)

  2. I love chilli jam! My tomato season has come to an end too - it's rather sad, but good to contemplate varities to grow for next year.

  3. Nic,
    I am so glad to read that you are beginning to experiemnt with chilli, and even liking it a little bit.

    Yes Fran,
    It is sad - no more fresh, 'real' tasting tomatoes.

    I want to grow the chocolate variety that you grew this year, they did look very interesting. So I will coming by later to remind myself what they were called.

  4. I think they look good. I hope they thicken up for you.

  5. I'm going to try making a tomato chilli chutney tomorrow. What a shame this wasn't thick enough, it looks good though!

  6. Thanks Nicisme.

    I agree they do look good and they will still be eaten with pleasure, just shame something went wrong in the cooking process. Maybe my tomatoes were just too juicy!

  7. I really love that tomato jam!! It looks so delicious!


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