Sunday, 4 October 2009

Goodbye Plot 11

We had our committee meeting today. Less said about it the better. The only two things I will share from it is that D has decided to join the committee (rather him than me); and we have officially given up our first allotment plot. So here are few words from me for Plot 11.

Goodbye to the nettles...
that introduced me to nettle stings - ouch
But also nettle gnocchi, nettle risotto and nettle mash,
goodbye to the bindweed that tried to strangle my raspberry canes,
goodbye to the raspberries that fed me like a princess,
goodbye to the endless grass-cutting, weeding and burning
goodbye to the boggy ground when it rained even a little bit,
goodbye to my hand-made pond that only saw one frog come and go,
goodbye to the yellow submarine shed,
goodbye to the pretty bird houses, that saw a blue tit or two
goodbye to the neds shouting abuse and throwing stones over now and again,
goodbye to the midgies that tried to sabotage my toiling and digging,
goodbye to my cranky gate, that let me in and let me out,
goodbye to our labour of love.
Goodbye to my first ever allotment plot, it was lovely while it lasted.
Goodbye Plot 11.


  1. cannot have been That bad,every day!! You did keep going back for more so remember the good days.I am glad D decided to take the committee in hand,sabotage them from the inside. When more fair minded people see someone else going forward it hopefully will encourage them to do the same.

  2. what a beautiful epitaph for Plot 11. Memories and stories RIP x

  3. How lovely. Goodbye lovely first plot - sad to let go but happy to move forward.
    Onwards and upwards.


  4. Your absolutely right Peggy,
    but sometimes remembering the worse bits makes it easier to giving up things that you really like.

    I hope Ds participation in the committee meeting has some postiive impact. Apparently there another meeting in November, then nothing until April.

    Thank you Nic and Scarlett.

  5. Sad to leave those raspberries...could you grow them in your other plot? You've made me think about how much I enjoy blackberries and raspberries....I need to check on growing them here on our place. I wish you and D every success as you continue your gardening *smile* (and the committee meetings)!

  6. How sweet..and sad at the same time.

  7. Hello Annie,
    Thanks for your kind words.

    I did manage to dig some of the raspberry canes. I know I should've waited until they were dormant, but I knew I would not have access to them, so I do have some on PLot 45. I will have to give them a lot of love and care over the coming year.

    Thanks Michele.


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