Sunday, 27 December 2009

Rosemary roasted hasselbacks

Or what is known in my home as 'hedgehog' roasted potatoes, even though they look nothing like the spiny, nocturnal mammal. And even better, no animals were harmed in the making of this dish.

Today, I wanted a lazy cooking day, so opted to make some fancy jacket potatoes, known as hasselbacks.
Hasselbacks are perhaps the best-known of all Swedish potato recipes. The potatoes are sliced almost to the base, so the slices open out like a delicate fan when cooked. To my knowledge, the traditional hasselback recipe uses bay leafs and butter, but in this recipe I decided to use some of the fresh rosemary growing in my garden plot, olive oil and sea salt. I baked these in the oven at Gas mark 5 for about an hour until the edges had become golden and crisp.
I just had to accompany the hasselback potato with my 'Moose' Christmas ornament, there is just something complimentary about it. I hope your all enjoying your holidays, I have tomorrow off, then I am back in work on Tuesday, so am trying to make the most of my time just lazing about.


  1. yum! what a delicious blog you have.

    thanks for leaving such a thoughtful comment on the mouse.

    I love roasting potatoes with rosemary and olive oil but never sliced them in such a's quite fun. like how you call them hedgehogs, I have a rule of not eating 'cute' things - but with respect to hedgehog potatoes I may make an exception.

  2. Wow, they look cool, love your little feathery friend too! Merry Christmas!

  3. Mangocheeks, it looks delicious!

    Hey, stop back by my blog. The kids drew your name out of the hat for the pay it forward package!!

  4. Oh! I do like the way you fancied up the jacket potatoe, going to stea that idea for sure :)

  5. wow, thanks for the new idea for potatos! Hope you have a great New Year!

  6. mmm I love roast potatoes so I must try it this way some time - love the moose too - enjoy lazing about the house

  7. These roasted potatoes sound like something quick and easy for a lazy day and they absolutely look interesting. This is the first time I've heard about hasselback potatoes, I've learned something new from you again!

    p.s. I'm having "My 50th post giveaway", I hope you will be participating just for fun. I think you already have the books that I'll give away but if you win, I can sub with something else.

  8. Happy lazy day! Your potatoes look simple and yummy...I'm a big fan of being able to kick the snow off my rosemary and continue to use it all winter, esp. with potatoes! Happy New Years!

  9. Could you please pass me one of those potatoes?


    Thank you and Happy Holidays too!


  10. Oh yum!!! Those look most delicious. I'm all for rosemary anything!

  11. Thank you so much for coming by Mouse aka Kimy.
    I like your blog so much that I am going to add it in my 'Thinking, rather than eating' blogroll section. Thank you for inspiring.

    Thanks Clare,
    The feathery friend is apparently made from recycled material. D picked him up last year.

    Thank you so much Ribbit.
    I was so delighted to have my blog username to be picked out by your lovely children. I am also delighted to now be part of this sharing known as 'Pay it Forward'. Thank you!

    Thank you Kella.
    You can criss cross them proper, so that they do really resemble hedgehogs. I think your girls will be really amused ;D

    Thank you so Much Molly.

    Thank you Johanna, it's nearly Tuesday and my thoughts are starting to turn to work...booo hooo....

    Thank you Oraphan, you are always so kind to me.
    And a book give-away. Of course I will enter...How can I resist!

    Thank you so much Winnie. I love the way you wrote 'Happy New YearS'. Thank you so much.

    Thank you so much Pam - To you and yours truly.

    Hello there Kristin.
    Thank you, the rosemary flavour was quite delicate.

  12. What a clever way to roast a potato Mango. They look so luscious.


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