Monday, 23 September 2013

Vegan Food Swap U.K (September 2013)

After enjoying partaking in my first vegan food swap last month, I decided to participate again.  I mean who wouldn't mind receiving a package containing edible goodies.  Well certainly not me.  

This month my package came from the Lovely Claire who blogs over at Great Vegan Expectations.  In the package, Claire included a little hand-written card.  She wrote 'I tried to include a variety of fun and convenient snacks, as well as cooking ingredients as I can telly from your blog you like inventing wholesome dishes.  I hope you enjoy it!'  I do Claire.  Thank you. 

As you can see from the image above, the package contained lots of goodies such as Oaty Bakes -Naked noddles - 2 packets of Munchy Seeds (Omega and Chilli Bites) - Spacebar - Happy Kale..but what I really really liked....
Loved in fact was the Black Rice Noodles and Chia Seeds - both ingredients that I have never ever eaten or cooked with, so I am really Thankful.  Claire says credit for the Black Rice Noodles goes to her boyfriend as it was his idea to include it in my package.  Thank you Claire's boyfriend too. Here is a link to Claire's wonderfully written blog post about the swap and what she received too.

My receiving partner was Mitsu who mentioned in her e mail that she preferred 'savoury to sweet, no tea and Nakd bars please'.  I am still very new to this vegan food swapping task and have only begun to look out for interesting and new things to include in my swap packages.  Amongst other things such as vegan Worcester Sauce, I also included some local vegan delicacies such as Welsh Laverbread; Red Dragon Mustard.  You can see what else I sent Mitsu if you follow this link..      Once again Thank you to Claire for my vegan goodies.  


  1. I need to do this!
    I love discovering new (to me) vegan food!
    I love those Spicy seeds

    1. I thought you were part of it Claire, you so need to be now.

  2. What a fun idea - and a great selection of foods / items :)

  3. What a lovely blog post - you're very welcome and so glad you enjoyed your parcel and can't wait to see what you create with your new ingredients! x

  4. Those look like some fun goodies! I think it would be just as fun creating the package as receiving it!

    I made that bean dish I was telling you about. The one that your black bean and pineapple stew reminded me of. It is not a "wow" recipe but is quite tasty and extremely easy, so a great "I don't know what to make" meal.
    If you are interested in checking it out, I posted it here Honolulu Skillet Beans.

    1. Thank you so much RuckusButt - I will come by later on today to check out your Honolulu Skillet Beans - I am intrigued. Off right now though,

  5. What a fun package!

    ~Have a lovely day!


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