Friday, 15 July 2011

Govan, Science Park and River Clyde Walk

The weather in Scotland has been much kinder the past couple of days and we have made the most of it.
We decided to take a walk along the River Clyde.  We drove through Govan once again and snapped away some things that caught our eye on previous visits.  This 'cheeky wee fella' caught our attention a number of times, but we were never able to snap a picture as it was always raining, this time the skies were blue as his wings. 

Funnily, as we walked towards this mosaic to take a photograph, someone else had the same idea and was there taking a photograph of it.  I smiled and said 'Snap - we are here to take a picture too'.  The woman smiled and responded back that she had designed and created the mosaic work.  Wow, we thought what a coincidence to meet its creator.  Her name was Fiona.  We both told her we were genuinely impressed with it, hence our desire to capture a image of it for ourselves.She smiled and blushed, thanking us for the compliment, but it was true.
I mentioned the Fairfield Shipyards yesterday, this sculpture resides outside of its gates.
Down one of the side streets we discovered some hidden artwork.  There were quite a few there, but I am not showing them all as I think this part of Glasgow should really be on the tourist map.  There are so many interesting things to see here.  Not just the history, culture and art, but the independent charity shops too. 
This one is perhaps my favourite charity and thrift shop in Glasgow and each time I go there, I could easily spend a few quid.  Its called The Magpie Nest.  I've never ever asked to take a photograph of the interior of a shop before, but i had too this time as I wanted to share with you how it looks on the inside. Plus I was very inspired by the way this charity shop was laid out, and permission was kindly granted.
Not only does it collect, recycle and sell the usual and retro charity goods, but it has a project called Starter Packs Glasgow. This Starter Packs project puts together packs of essential household goods for homeless people who are granted permanent tenancies, hence this is more than a charity shop.
I did come out with a couple of treats - a clock made from a recycled record.  We actually picked up two, including this one to serve as a memento for us of our time in Glasgow when we leave (click on image) .  There is also a little eatery not that far from it called LUV Cafe (Linthouse Urban Village), its a not profit cafe part of the LUV Project, I am hoping to treat myself to a lunch there one of these days.
After parting with a few pounds, we walked on towards the Clyde to get a view of the Riverside Museum from another perspective - the outside.
If you want to see more images of the Riverside Museum follow this link.  Today was about enjoying the outside, hence the River Clyde Walk.
You can get  ferry to the Riverside Museum, but as it cost around £3 for a return ticket, we worked out it was cheaper for us to drive and park there, so got back into the car and drove to the other side.
This is perhaps my favourite old building in Glasgow.  Its not that far from the modern buildings, such as the Science Centre.    
The Science Centre with its 100m skyward Tower that never works whenever we have been there, or when it has been people have been stuck in it.
Walking over the bridge to the SECC, the building is also known as the Armadillo for its shape.
Much work is taking place on the Riverside, an effort to both revitalise it and make it a tourist attraction.
The changing face of the Riverfront in Glasgow: from Old Govan to New.


  1. What a fun visit! I don't know much about Scotland. I'm enjoying learing about it through your posts!

  2. Thank you Fran.
    If you click on the labels link 'parts of Scotland' it will take to other places I've had the opportunity to visit.
    Kind wishes.

  3. Hey Shaheen, you certainly get around a bit. You have visited some amazing places recently.
    I really like the idea of the starter packs for homeless people. More places should do that.And we all have a few cups and plates that we could afford to part with!

  4. Thanks Mark.
    We are both trying to pass the time while getting the place ready to put on the market and whilst job hunting, so every sunny day is a bonus while we are up here, as going out exploring doesn't cost much :)
    I have to be honest, Govan is not the most comfortable of places to be walking around in if your not famiiar with it, but its certainly steeped in history and 'local culture!'. These initiatives are certainly making a difference to people there. Your right we all have crockery we can part with, I was just looking in my own cupboards recently.

  5. So interesting, I hardly know Glasgow at all so have enjoyed your posts on it and especially the less well known bits. I may be up there for a conference next spring, so I might get to know a little of it a bit. Love the Govan mosaic and other art work.

  6. Thanks Choclette.
    If I am still in Scotland (very unlikely, unless an ideal employment opp. comes my way), then I would very much like to meet with you; and of course only if you want too. Keep me informed. Warm wishes as always.

  7. What a great walk - I love walks that take in sights and experiences. I can't say getting stuck in that 100m tower is an experience I'd go for though - eek.

  8. Thanks Kari.
    I so need the exercise these days.
    When the Science Centre opened up in its early days, D and me took the nephews there, it wasn't even working then; and of course wasn't on our recent visit. The IMAX Cinema is good though.

  9. Hi
    Another interesting post, thanks. Inner city suburbs have lots of surprises but have to be treated with care and respect as you say in your post. I drive through a run down part of a city on my way to work but get glimpses of a canal that is beautiful.


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