Sunday, 25 April 2010

More vegetarian 'wild garlic' recipes

Funny, a few years ago I could not find wild garlic anywhere and now, without me even actively foraging for it, I'm finding it. I came across some more yesterday. Well, I could not walk away empty handed.

I would have been more than happy to have repeated some of the 'wild garlic' recipes I made early this month, such as Wild Garlic Potato Cakes, Wild Garlic, Potato, Feta and Pine-nuts QuicheWild Garlic frittata Muffins, Wild Garlic RisottoSavoury Rice with Wild Garlic and Peas, Wild Garlic WedgesWild Garlic and Walnut Pesto and finally Wild Garlic Soup, but the experimental home cook in me wanted to do something different with it this time.
So for brunch we had 'Wild Garlic Poached Eggs', but before steaming the eggs I had minced some wild garlic and added it to the pan before breaking the eggs in.
I think this could work well in those fancy egg coddlers too. Then all you have to do is dip in your wholemeal or white bread soldiers.
Next on the menu was a 'Wild Garlic Potato and Bean Salad'.
This recipe is vegan. Once the potatoes were cooked, I added a tin of mixed pulses, minced wild garlic, drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper. This was a substantial meal, no accompaniment were necessary.

Finally a 'Wild Garlic Dip' served with pitta bread chips.
This 'Wild Garlic Dip' is made with a tablespoon or two of minced wild garlic stirred into Greek Yogurt, then seasoned with a little salt and pepper. Simple and delicious. For other wild garlic recipes on my blog, please follow this link.


  1. I LOVE garlic!
    I have decided to read your blog AFTER I've had my meal .Otherwise I keep on dribbling in front of my computer.
    Oh là!là!everything looks so delicious.

  2. I really, really wish I had wild garlic in my garden... wondering about collecting some seeds this year. Lovely :)

  3. Random question. I love your blog n notice you go around Scotland a lot. New to foraging n in Fife near Kinross, do you know any wild garlic spot??

    Loz x

  4. I'm not sure how to identify wild garlic. We have had an abundance of what we call garlic mustard taking over...very invasive. It has a white flower top on it. Is this what you are using? The potato and bean salad looks wonderful..would love to try to make this.
    Hope you had a great weekend.
    We finally found the vegan marshmallow you recommended to us at a Whole Foods grocery store near us, and my daughter was delighted. Taste is wonderful. Thanks again for sharing .

  5. Mango - the garlicked egg idea is sheer GENIUS. They look heavenly. That's one I'll definately be poaching (hoho) from you!

  6. My goodness when it rains as they say it pours. lucky you another clump of wild garlic found, was this bunch closer to home.

    Have you planted up the ones you had in water yet?

    The potatoe recipe looks so delish and it also looks like something I would do as well.

    The dip I'm sure was scrumptious.

  7. they all look so yummy, especially the simple delights of poached eggs. I've been reliably informed by a friend of a potential foraging site - just need to get back up on my feet before it starts going over. How long do you think I've got?

  8. Thanks Patricia.
    You made me chuckle to myself. Reading my blog AFTER you've had your meal. Thanks, that is is a lovely compliment.I've had my meal. If you get a chance to source this kind of garlic, please do - i really like it and am going to enjoy what I can whilst its in season and as long as I can find some.

    Just a word of warning - wild garlic apparently does take over your garden when in season. But go for it!

    Thanks for your comment Loz,
    Yes I have been fortunate recently to venture other parts of Scotland. As you may be aware from reading my blog I was in Fife not too long ago, but I didn't see any where i was at the time. Sorry. If I do become aware of a location, i'll mention it on my blog.

    Hello Maggie's Garden.
    Wild garlic leaves looks similar to lily of the valley and it has a white star like flower, but it has the scent of garlic and it is invasive. What you describe to me sounds like garlic mustard. See my link below for closer image of wild garlic
    The flowers were still to open.

    I am so pleased to read that you found some vegan marshmallow. I tried to make that recipe I forwarded to you - please don't - I tried and failed twice, but thats another story.

    Oh Thank you Fran.
    Your so welcome to 'poach' it. I'm sure someone, somewhere had already made the recipe before me. Many of the recipes in blogosphere often are.

    Sooz - It really is a delicious potato and bean salad :D You can taste the garlic in you mouth for a good hour or so!

    Yeph Kella. I am striking lucky with this verdant green. This one found in South Ayrshire, not that close to call it home :(

    I planted the clump I lifted last week I think. although the leaves looked sorry, the flower bud was upright. I haven't looked to see if its opened up. I may go now for a quick nosy - who knows.

    I thoroughly recommend the potato salad recipe.

    Oh Nic, I'm pleased.
    I had no doubt there would be some in your 'neck of the woods'. You just need to get your strength back to harvest some. Cyber hug. I've read that its best to harvest and enjoy wild garlic before the buds burst open and show off their glorious white star like flowers, as the leaves lose their tenderness. So with you being down South, time is the essence - those i've come across in Scotland so far, still have tightly closed buds. X

  9. All your wild garlic recipes look and sound enticing, Mango. I especially like the potato salad. I thought to myself how similar it looks to lily of the valley, which is poisonous. I'm sure the wild garlic scent will make it stand out when foraging. I can't plant enough lily of the valley in my yard, one of favorite flowers!

  10. Thank you Barbara.
    Your right that wild garlic does look like lily of the Valley and your right to point out that it is poisonous, so people should not forage and pick from the wild if they are unfamiliar with such weeds.

    Lily of the valley is a stunning flower - not one I see that often around here.

  11. I am envious of your wild garlic abundance! I do have an abundance of (not wild) chives, which I've been using in similar ways. With eggs, potatoes, beans, anything I can think of. I'll have to try the potato lentil salad -- looks like a tasty, quick, nutritious meal.

  12. I'm so excited about your blog (and really happy you found me and introduced me!). I've been in away for the weekend visiting my sister and when I finally brought up your swiss chard quiche recipe on my blackberry, we found the store was out of swiss chard. Anyway, we'd also went into a whole long conversation the other day about wild garlic - and here is your post on it!!

    Your poached eggs look beautiful. I'm the worst poached eggs maker. I can make a mean scramble though (probably from "fixing" messed up poached eggs so much).

  13. Thank you Jenny,
    I have been rather fortunate in the department of wild garlic abundance and I am truly thankful! I wish for you with all my heart that you too stumble upon some and enjoy, until then enjoy the (not so wild) chives - their flowers are lovely too.

    I'm so excited about your blog (and really happy you found me and introduced me!). I've been in away for the weekend visiting my sister and when I finally brought up your swiss chard quiche recipe on my blackberry, we found the store was out of swiss chard. Anyway, we'd also went into a whole long conversation the other day about wild garlic - and here is your post on it!!

    Thank you Wendy.
    I too am extremely pleased to have made your acquaintance.

    If it makes you feel better re your poached eggs; I'm pretty poor at making scramble eggs :) So that should even out our talents in the kitchen.

  14. Please come and live with me and cook all of these wonderful things. I will give you all of my high heels as a deposit for your labour.


  15. Oh Miggy,
    Thank you so much for the lovely comment, it really made me smile. Plus it is such a tempting offer - high heels for my size 4 feet - but my husband he doesn't want to share me
    :( sorry

  16. Recreated and blogged your potato salad :) Thanks for the stimulation!

  17. Thanks for letting me know Torwen. I will come by and check it out :)


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