Friday, 30 April 2010

'Wild garlic' wedges

Early in the week, I had to travel to Perth for work.
I would have loved to have played tourist there, but other than walking through the centre admiring some of the public art. I did not get time to see much of it.
Maybe next time I'll be able to explore it more.
This is what I call my lazy day food: peel it, chop it and then roast it.
However with these wedges, in the last 10 minutes of cooking I added in some minced 'wild garlic'. There are days when only crispy, roasted potato wedges will do.


  1. Bet they were great, I love 'wild garlic' but can very rarely find the stuff.

  2. "There are days when only crispy, roasted potato wedges will do."

    I want a t-shirt with that saying on it exactly. hehee. Pretty interesting scuptures in Perth. The first one reminds me of a bench in Hawaii with Forest Gumps sneakers and suitcase. Great pictures.

  3. Ah James B,
    Long time. I do hope your keeping well.
    I don't want to boast, but every weekend so far, I have noted some wild garlic. I saw some more this morning!

    Yeah a T-shirt with that would be quite cool!
    I thought the sculptures were interesting too, unsure what they were depicting though?! I see what you mean re the bench - did you notice, the sculptured lady has no shoed :( Perth is not a place to be walking bare feet.

  4. I like those statues :) And yum, wild garlic wedges!

  5. I go shopping a lot in Perth, lots of lovely independent shops and galleries and did I mention Lakelands is there? Plenty of choice for lunch too and a monthly farmer's market. You should take another trip there when you have more time. Potato wedges, mmmmmmmmmmm :P

  6. I love the photography! Very cool picures...and I looooove garlic, so Im sure I would love these!

  7. Those wedges look scrummy and I will definately be trying your rhubarb and ginger loaf recipe!

  8. Rachel,
    They certainly captured my attention!

    I did notice 'a lot' of the independent shops there, but didn't have time to nip in. I have a feeling I will be going to Perth again (for work again), so who knows maybe I'll get more chance to explore it a little more in depth. Are there any vegetarian eateries there you can recommend?!

    Thank you Morgan.

  9. Thank you Jane.
    If you do make the rhubarb and ginger loaves. Just eat them on the day, they don't keep particularly well.

  10. I've heard Perth is lovely and the bit I saw from your photos confirms that. Love the statue on the bench. I see you are not going to give up on your wild garlic easily!

  11. Choclette,
    I have no doubt i'll be going back, if not for the scenery, the shops... it will be for work.

    Your right about the wild garlic. guess what I saw some more today and gathered enough for a couple of meals in the week.

  12. Yum, I make something like that but I like throwing the garlic in at the end. My garlic burns sometimes :)

  13. very cool sculptures i also wonder about there meaning.

    might try these wedges with my garlic chives.

  14. Thank you so much Christina.

    That happens a lot to me too, hence the reason I've added it towards the end too :D

  15. Thank you Kella.
    Shoudl I go back to Perth i'll try and find out their significance.
    I have no doubt these would work with garlic chives, just add them towards the end.


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